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How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars?

Interbus Universal
#21 - 2017-03-20 11:33:58 UTC
Mephiztopheleze wrote:

the Drifter neuts for 2,000GJ/cycle. I very much doubt a single heavy cap booster will keep you capped up for long enough to chew through the great festering mountain of EHP if you're also running active reps.

If you *really* want to try it, I'd suggest warping the hauler in at 100km & jettisoning the cap charges once you've got the site started and have drawn aggo on the ratting ships.

FYI: The Drifter employs what is basically a HIC scram, Sleepers do not.

EDIT: I went Corp Fleet C5 ratting on Sunday and we killed nine Drifters all up. With eight C5 Cap Transfer Rattles and one Drifter Response Vindicator, we were down to around ~15minutes/site, including the Drifter.

Yes it neuts 2k per cycle, but that happens only once every 10 seconds. It should be possible to keep hardeners running at all times by having a heavy NOS - which has the same cycle time, so can be timed to always leech some cap from the drifter right after it sucked you dry.

And if you also eat a cap charge right after getting neuted (in this case an 800 will probably be better), then there is enough cap to run the shield booster two times before the drifter neut strikes again. Considering that a Marauder with cheap crystal implants easily tanks about 4k dps, it will tank the 1600 dps from a single drifter easily even if the booster runs only intermittently.

Well, that is all theory of course. And I'm not going to test it. Even if it works, being a sitting duck for the long time it's going to take to kill the drifter is just too much of a risk.


Laphroaig Inc.
#22 - 2017-03-20 20:33:33 UTC
Terrorfrodo wrote:
Now I wonder if drifters can appear in any site and at any time. So far I've seen them at planets and at wormholes. Do they also visit anomalies? If so, do player ships warping to that anomaly trigger the drifter to move, or will it stick to its schedule and the activated anomaly just becomes a possible random destination the next time the drifter relocates?

No. Drifters will bounce around to POCOs and the occasional Wormhole. They will not interfere while you're running a site.
NOTE: If there are already Drifters in system, I do NOT know if they will come to a site when you spawn another Drifter there.

Terrorfrodo wrote:
Well, that is all theory of course. And I'm not going to test it. Even if it works, being a sitting duck for the long time it's going to take to kill the drifter is just too much of a risk.

Yeah, even with over 6k DPS on field, they still take a while to drop.

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Ragarak Utama
The Buccaneers.
#23 - 2017-04-15 12:02:13 UTC
Drifter is such an exotic being that I used pyfa to make a totally pointless fit that at least in theory should be able to tank and stuck on the grid alone. Did it to check if there a fit in case when someone goes DC.

Problem is there are things on paper which aren't confirmed by real testing so maybe you guys can give me some info about cap stability.

The fit (pyfa)

Tank: 2212 EHP/s This one's confirmed, I fly in rattle which tanks drifter having that amount of tank. C5 drifter has 1600dps but he does weird things with sudden alphas, so I don't know how low I could go with tank.

DPS: low, will kill drifter in a day maybe:P

Next the most important thing is cap stability and here I have no idea what will happen.
I get +321GJ/s and -98GJ/s, so 220GJ/s positive. On my smaller skills I get +201GJ/s lol :)

Total capacitor is 3.7k GJ and here's the thing. After getting 2000GJ every 10 sec will this cap be able to fill itself quick enough until next tick? Or it will simply break because of its small capacity?
Interbus Universal
#24 - 2017-05-08 09:05:35 UTC
Not sure, anyway I think using cap boosters to replenish cap would be more effective.

I use stealth bombers to kill the drifters at citadels now. SB with polarized launchers does 900-1000 dps and can do exactly the type of damage needed, and also apply tackle.

I noticed that once drifters have been lured to a citadel, they target the citadel and don't leave, even after the usual time to relocate is up. So it would probably not be a good idea to let them live until the citadel becomes vulnerable. (I didn't test if they leave when their shield is down and they're not tackled, but I assume so.)

Weird thing is that while they in general ignore the stealth bombers, they very occasionally do shoot them. It happened to me like once every two encounters or so, but both times the glancing shot was enough to pop the bomber.


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