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DX11 is WORKING on wine 2.3!

guigui lechat
the no fock given
#21 - 2017-05-19 06:19:05 UTC
I also had system crashes (whole linux system crashed) several times on 2.6 and 2.7 so I had to go back to dx9. trying 2.8 with dx11, so far no crash.
guigui lechat
the no fock given
#22 - 2017-05-19 07:47:43 UTC
just had a crash (in station), going back to dx9
Cap'n Schmitty
#23 - 2017-06-01 00:53:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Cap'n Schmitty
Rhyme Bittern wrote:
After upgrading from wine-staging 2.5 to wine-staging 2.6 I have a regression with DX11: on every anti-alias setting except "diabled", the scene is rendered completely black. The interface still shows and responds.

Rhyme Bittern wrote:
There is a new problem with the May release: the new suns flicker continuously on dx11 (wine-staging 2.8, nvidia).
This makes dx11 unplayable for me on linux.

I'm having the same problems on dx9 with nvidia-drivers 378.13 and wine-staging 2.7. In addition, lighting seems to randomly get dimmer and brighter. Really distracting, will be using CSMT until these issues are fixed.

(I do have libtxc_dxtn multilib installed)

Edit: Just updated to 2.9, and the light dimming issue is gone but the sun flickering and black screen with AA turned on are still present..

On 2.5, having anti-aliasing on works and suns no longer flicker but the light dimming issue is still there.
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