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PI Taxes - its like you're attempting to communicate.

Mossyblog Barnes
The Initiative.
#1 - 2017-03-03 04:34:20 UTC
Q> regarding taxes / transfer costs.

R0 5 / 3
P1 400 / 200
P2 7,200 / 3,600
P3 60,000 / 30,000
P4 1,200,000 /600,000

This is the most current fee structure I can find thus far.

  • I import 1000 x P2 units into a Planet. Input Costs = (Qty * Sales Price + Broker Fee) + (Qty * 400) + (Qty * Customs Import Tax) = Debit from Wallet
  • I export 1000 x P4 units from a Planet.  Output Costs = (Qty * Sell Price) -  (Broker Fee + Sales Tax )  - (Qty * 600,000 ) + (Qty * Customs Exports Tax) = Credit to Wallet.

As near as I can tell, depending on High Sec vs (Null/Low/WormHole) you potentially have different inbound/outbound taxes that need to be factored into your profit forecasts. For example CCP stated that for High Sec POCO's there is the 10% (Export) + Player Tax - Customs Expert Skill Level. They do mention that the NPC tax is 5% not 10% for Imports but i'm not sure off the Skill level being 5 also chips away at that %.

Low Sec and below it basically distills down to whatever the Player sets as a tax amount with the exception that should you find  a rare NPC run Customs Office a minimum 17% tax is applied.


NPC Tax Rate
-- EXPORT: 10%
-- IMPORT: 5%

Cust Code Expertise
-- EXPORT: -5%
-- IMPORT: 0% (Not sure Level 5 skill modifies this value)

POCO Tax - Min Threshold 5%

POCO Tax - Advertised Rate:
-- EXPORT: 8%
-- IMPORT: 2%

-- EXPORT: 13%
-- IMPORT: 7%


POCO Tax - Advertised Rate:
-- EXPORT: 8%
-- IMPORT: 2%

-- EXPORT: 13%
-- IMPORT: 7%

Additional Notes:

- Broker Fee / Sales Tax also has modifiers depending on your Accounting & Faction Standing skills.  I've found that if your Faction rating goes below 0 (mines -0.75 for one toon) then it doesn't actually decrement below 0, it just factors in positive values only (0.75 can chip away at the Sales Tax 3% but -0.75 treats it as 0) 

- CCP states this formula - 3%-(0.1%*BrokerRelationsLevel)-(0.03%*FactionStanding)-(0.02%*CorpStanding) - however I've found in-game when I apply FactionStanding/CorpStanding with negative values, basically it doesn't compute it seems to just round to 0.

High Sec Taxes can't go below 5%? In that lets assume Player sets POCO at 0% and they're Level 5 Skill in Customs Code Expertise, they are going to pay 10% at minimum. If the Pilot had 0 Customs Code Expertise then they'd end up paying 15% minimum. 


PlayerA has Customs Codes Level 5 with "Good Standing".
POCO Has set "Good Standing" at 8%.

Calculation : (10% - (1% * CustomCodeSkillLevel)) + (MAX(5%,POCOTax)) = PayableTax. (which in the above example would be 13%).

LowSec none of the above matters as its purely back to EXPORT/IMPORT Tax settings the POCO defines (thus making them more competitive for POCO owners in lower security areas).

- NPC Import Tax. Again, Absolutely no idea if Customs Code Expertise Skill affects NPC Import Tax (5%) as it does with NPC Export Tax (10%).

Am I on crack or is that how this math plays itself out aside from the Setup Costs / Hauling / Buy Back / POCO Tax blah  that takes place once all the Debit/Credit dust has settled.