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Let's talk about Suitonia's suggestions to improve FW

Plus 10 NV
#241 - 2017-03-16 17:38:35 UTC
Crosi Wesdo wrote:
You still have not explained how fighting will be 'spread out', as though suddenly pvpers are going to chase farmers (read, people who wont engage them) to all the deepest darkest corners of FW, because somehow they didnt previously know there was a farmer in Teimo for example?

You seem unable to answer the questions I put to you. But I will answer yours.

Pvpers will have a much easier time holding a constellation as opposed to just a system. So both sides will widen the amount of area they want to control. Hence spreading out the area of combat.

Rabbit plexing will become too inefficient to be worthwhile. So it will become a thing of the past. I explained how this will occur since intel will lead to more frequent interuptions and rollbacks would lead to each interuption being more costly. You have ignored my responses and claim I never gave any reasons.

Crosi Wesdo wrote:

Your suggestion drives no change in player behaviour beyond rewarding them with information while they are docked.

Are you saying that no militia has had decent intel? You assume intel comes from only alts? Ive been in militia and ive seen pleanty of decent intel on all levels, from fleet targets to farmer targets. Some is acted on, some is not. When i was only flying maulus many of my kills happened because i reported things in intel.

I never said there is not decent intel in the militia. I said it is not good enough. We still see that you gain the most sov for your faction by running away. Look at the api dump yourself.

Crosi Wesdo wrote:

The inability for amarr militia to maintain, or their unwillingness to include you in an intel channel is a player problem.

You have yet again made an assertion that gaining sov would be fun if there was free intel. You have failed to show any basis for this claim for the last 2/3 years. If chasing farmers around was fun, people can easily do it. Most people already know where they haunt. You plan looks something like;

- Free Intel
- Find Farmer
- ????
- Fun.

I for one had most fun fighting over homesystems, and made most isk (outside lvl4 fw missions) defending my plexing alts in quieter space. No one ever had any problem finding each other in either such events. And it was nice that there is a verity of choices.

I gave 5 reasons why intel tools will increase the frequency rabbits are interupted and when combined with rollbacks will lead to the extinction of rabbit plexers. You have ignored those reasons and claim I never gave them.

And again the tools do not need to be free you can pay isk or lp for them. But yes it is sort of silly to ask a soldier to pay money before his superior will tell him where he should go fight. But whatever it doesn't have to be free. I suppose you think all the ships you buy in jita are free because you just paid isk for them and didn't mine the ore.

You may have fun protecting your plexing alts. (and yes lets be clear, even you recognize that multiboxing many alts is how you win sov.) But then again you were the guy who wanted to keep booster alts. Requiring people to pay for and multibox multiple accounts to "play" a game, is a bad game design for many reasons. I know you feel differently but I am fine agreeing to disagree on that one.

Fighting over a single system in faction war can be allot of fun. I don't deny that. I do think it is very similar to the large concentrated fights you get in null sec however. And I don't think fw needs to mirror null sec. IMO FW can and should involve more spread out and constant warfare rather than the null style infrequent big fight in a single system or constellation.

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve

Tam Arai
Mi Pen Rai
#242 - 2017-04-18 13:09:36 UTC
How about a militia chan that gives a simple ' your system name x is being attacked by the enemy"

Then you know where there is a fight to be had
Digital Ghosts
#243 - 2017-04-19 07:04:07 UTC  |  Edited by: ALUCARD 1208
Cearain wrote:
. FW can and should involve more spread out and constant warfare rather than the null style infrequent big fight in a single system or constellation.

Its called N+1 happens in all of eve why spread out and fight when you can focus on one place and bring more than them steamroll and move on, that is why militia will always band together.

You are thinking more as a solo and instant gratification
Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc.
#244 - 2017-05-06 11:30:16 UTC
ITT: Cerain spews forth his views on what Faction Warfare should be about despite not being involved for years, whilst the people who have been fighting there for years pick apart his ideas.
Plus 10 NV
#245 - 2017-05-09 20:20:14 UTC
Tam Arai wrote:
How about a militia chan that gives a simple ' your system name x is being attacked by the enemy"

Then you know where there is a fight to be had

That was in line with the original idea and it could be workable. If it only covered systems in your constellation it might work ok. If it covered the whole front it would be a bit unruly. Of course, if you could filter the channel results for X numbers of jumps that would be much better.

I think ccp could figure some intel mechanic out, if they wanted to end rabbit plexxing. I just think they just have decided its fine that Null sec sov remains the only sov any sane person cares about and fw is 97% alts and 3% who care about fighting for fw sov.

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve

SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari
#246 - 2017-05-10 21:11:52 UTC  |  Edited by: ValentinaDLM
As a long time FW player, here are some things that I care about:

1. The Pendulum swing is too harsh, people are saying that the lower availability of LP in tier 1 makes it more valuable, but that is more or less BS when you have months of players dumping millions of LP into the market during tier 1, then as it starts to become about twice as valuable the pendulum swings again, leaving a very short window of time for people to actually make reasonable isk who didn't have millions saved up before the tier drop. I am taking a break mostly from FW (I do still have 3 FW toons) and I still have millions of LP laying about for when Minmatar goes into lower tier.

2. I ran a corporation, Alliance, and co-ran a coalition when I was in FW, and what did we end up doing? Taking sov in order to raise the isk in order to field fleets. With no means to tax LP it becomes very difficult to fund SRP programs over cruisers on a corporate or alliance level. It was very stupid though, that we would have to be ratting where our sov was (insmother) or where our allies sov was (Wicked Creek) in order to fund doctrines, but then something would happen in the Warzone and we would have to actually get there to do something about it, with JC timers and whatnot. When we should have been able to just plex in the warzone, and fund things on an alliance level.

TL;DR; provide corporations with the ability to tax LP, and set a default NPC corp tax rate on LP in the milita to incentive player corps (which can be wardecced and are all around better to interact with)

3. Some sort of timer solution, I really don't care if it is a rollback or a dual timer. Each one has benefits and consequences.

4. Break up Minmatar/Gallente and Caldari/Amarr. Prevent Caldari/Gallente from running plexes in the amarr/Minmatar warzone and vice versa, there is even less incentive to bring you faction up from t1 when you can simply change to the other faction and go about business as usual.

I remember for a while having Of Questionable Repute (my minmil alliance) and Multicultural F1 Brigade (Calmil alliance) blue, and we would head up to black rise to run incursions or shoot gallente with them, it was nice to have those options, but if we broke up the alliances between militas we could have more of that, it only worked in our case as I used to be a director in MCF1B so we trusted each other.

5. An actually novice plex, without faction frigates. As it stands it seems like more of a game of pirates in faction frigs and implants just hunting newbies all day, which makes them leave FW pretty quickly. I know eve is a harsh game, but many of those people will stay in the pot of boiling water if only you crank the heat up slowly, and will jump out of that pot if you crank the heat up too fast.