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Where did the fun go?

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Alaric Faelen
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#361 - 2017-04-18 14:26:03 UTC
Drama Llamas tend to filter themselves out fairly quickly. Solid moderation on the forums will quickly squash cries for attention.

If you want to see humanity at it's lowest, gank a miner and watch local.
ISD Max Trix
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#362 - 2017-04-18 14:52:04 UTC
13. Spamming is prohibited.

Spam is defined as the repetitive posting of the same topic or nonsensical post that has no substance and is often designed to annoy other forum users. This can include the words “first”, “go back to insert other game name” and other such posts that contribute no value to forum discussion. Spamming also includes the posting of ASCII art within a forum post, or the practice of “thread necromancy” which involved bumping of old threads for no justifiable reason.

Closed for thread Necromancy. The dark arts have no place here.


ISD Max Trix


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