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Chat MOTD limitations lower than what the ingame counter suggests

Rivr Luzade
Coreli Corporation
Pandemic Legion
#1 - 2017-02-01 12:19:59 UTC
I am currently facing an issue where the MOTD seems to hit some come kind of character or line limitation. The current length of the MOTD is 3000 characters (pasted the entire MOTD into Word to get a character count including HTML formatting tags, urls and so on) which the ingame char counter counts as 1034 out of 4000 possible characters. Now I want to add another couple of lines of text to the MOTD, which puts it to around 3300 characters (again with formatting tags and urls) which the ingame counter displays as a total of 1250 characters.

Both the original and the amended MOTD text are well below the limit of 4000 characters, and when I submit the changes it loads the MOTD correctly. However, when I close the chat and reopen it, the newly added lines are not there anymore and when I open the channel settings window the only thing left at the end of the MOTD is either a partial HTML color tag and the rest of the text is gone or the entire text part is gone completely if not even the formatting tags fit into the limit.

According to Word, the max possible char count in an MOTD is 3,024 characters (with an unformatted lorem ipsum of 4000/4000 characters according to the ingame counter, I brought it up to 3,027). That is a considerably lower limit of characters than what the ingame counter displays. Are there any resources available to see what limitations apply to the MOTD or what automatic texts are being added to it that cost nearly 1000 characters of the limit? And could these potential automatic additions be removed from the char count or the displayed number of allowed characters reduced to 3000 so that people do not put more text into their MOTDs than what can actually be displayed?

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