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The Jettinson Mining Technique

Georgef Spanius
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-01-10 20:00:44 UTC
Hi guy's, a miner's here!
I'm starting mining carreer and i'm using the jettinson tech, but i've a few question about it:
There's some warranty against stealing my cargo while i'm switching ship?
It's better using a Secure Cargo Container?

Thank you guys, see you in void! Lol
Chainsaw Plankton
#2 - 2017-01-10 20:52:21 UTC
If someone steals your ore out of a jet can they go suspect for 15 minutes and anyone can shoot at them. Generally people that go suspect do so with the hopes that someone will shoot them as it will start a limited engagement and they can shoot back. The thief will be fit for combat and will probably blow you up, that said it is entirely possible the thief is incompetent and you will win, but probably not a shot worth taking. It is also possible the thief has backup that will help them to win the fight. That said there is nothing stopping you from having backup and having a group destroy the thief. But like I said, probably more effort than it is worth.

Or the thief can warp to your can, align to a station, steal the ore, and warp out all before you can do anything.

the secure cans are very small and probably not worth using. You will spend more time flying around between the cans getting your ore than mining.

Solo you are probably better off just filling up your ore bay and going back to station to unload. Joining a group would probably have better results. Mining fleets are set up with several miners, a booster, and a hauler. This way the miners can continuously mine while the hauler takes things back to the station, and the booster gives everyone more yield. The booster can also fit remote shield transfers to help tank the miners and has good drone bonuses to deal with npc rats.

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Critical Mass Inc
#3 - 2017-01-10 21:32:37 UTC  |  Edited by: MadMuppet
One alternative is to fly to a nearby safe spot (say at least 50,000km away) and then jet can there. You can then warp back to the belt for another load. WIthin two hours of the oldest jet can, run back to a station, get an industrial and fly tot safe spot and grab the ore. Note that you should make notes on your jet cans with times so you know which is the oldest ones.

This method is slightly safer than jet canning in the belt as the thief will need to track you down using probes. You can check D-Scan before warping to unload to see if anybody has combat scanner probes deployed. If they do, don't go to your safe spot except to bring the industrial ship to collect everything.

Note that this is still risky, but it requires more dedication on the part of the thief. Jet cans cannot be scanned down, but they can find you when you are there unloading.

I supposed I should mention how to make a safe spot. While flying in warp, hit Control+B. You can then find it in People and Places (ALT+E) and warp to it.

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Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2017-01-11 00:54:52 UTC
Georgef Spanius wrote:

There's some warranty against stealing my cargo while i'm switching ship?

The answer to any similar question like this in game is no.

There are no guarantees anywhere in this game. The whole point about this game is managing risks. The game by design makes it so that whenever you undock people can take stuff from you and the only thing that you can do about it is: be smarter, or be faster, or have more friends, or in some other way turn the odds in your favor.

But under no circumstances are you ever guaranteed anything or kept safe by game mechanics. You best bet in this game is knowledge so that you can better judge risk factors.

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Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2017-01-11 01:07:52 UTC
With regards to how to jetcan mine... now-a-days jetcan mining is something that works well in null sec systems but not so great anywhere else.

So you mine into a jet can. When it gets full you rename the can "full" and then either a Rorqual tractors it in and compresses it or a hauler comes by and grabs it and takes it to where the ore is being collected. You then jettison another can and start filling it.

At the end of the op the ore volumes are tallied and payouts distributed according to whatever arrangement was agreed upon.

Years ago jetcan mining used to be more common in high sec but that was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, not here nor now.

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Ocean Ormand
Bagel and Lox
#6 - 2017-01-11 22:07:49 UTC
The secret to successful highsec mining is picking the right system. If u pick a quiet out of the way place you should be able to jet can mine without problems. On the rare occasions someone does flip you. Ignore them or just flip the can bak if you can. There is no flagging for taking ore back from a toon that has gone suspect anymore.
Akane Togenada
#7 - 2017-01-11 22:25:23 UTC
Since you are Gallente and have just started I'm assuminng you use a Venture to mine and a Miasmos to get the Ore from the Can(s) to a station. Personally I would just fly the Venture (or any other mining ship) back to a Station and unload the ore there. I also wouldn´t bother with moving it further unless the price I could gain at the sation when selling it is absolutely horrible.
Sara Starbuck
Adamantine Creations
#8 - 2017-01-11 23:02:45 UTC
Jetcan mining is pretty pointless nowdays unless you are in fleet where someone else does the hauling all the time, its not worth the hassle to swap ships anymore since you can use zippy Venture and the barges with big oreholds.