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Citadel defenses are pathetic.....why bother?

Tarsis Inc
#161 - 2017-01-30 16:34:12 UTC
Shae Tadaruwa wrote:

Small corps can hire support. The wardec mechanics even allow for an infinite number of free allies. So no ISK necessary if you are good enough at communicating and developing relationships with other people.

Realistically, corps of high sec care bears aren't going to be able to fend off attackers. After all the attackers get the advantage of picking their target(which will be a soft one). Hiring support will certainly be an effective option, but it just adds to the cost of an already money loosing asset.

That leaves people using larger corp citadels instead, because the bonuses are better and the owners can actually defend the asset which will cost billions and billions with T2 rigs on it. So if people play smart, New Eden would basically be a couple systems here and there with everyone clustering around them.

But people tend to want their own slice of New Eden, so you'll get people who put up a citadel in the middle of nowhere and spend money each month on fuel to get worse bonuses vs the larger public citadels just for the privilege of having their own little home. Making these guy's citadels "content" isn't really going to promote the health of the game. The only downside with what they're doing is the complete mess it's going to make when people start abandoning them left and right.

Personally I think what needs to happen is to look at what the players are doing(herp derp, spend 2 bill on a citadel and pay 400 a month in fuel to use it solo to dock my ships and refine 60 mil a month in ore) and maybe come up with a more appropriate solution that fits that need.