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10 Pilot Single Elimination Tournament

Kaleic Karrif
#1 - 2016-12-26 17:20:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Kaleic Karrif
Hosting Tournament today at 20:00 Eve Time. To join please visit our Public Channel "GALRE Tourneys" and let us know you would like to participate.

Today's tournament is Standard Frigate Class

Entry Fee is 5 Million isk due at fleetup for the tournament.

Brackets are posted here

Today's Prize is 40 million isk to the winner. If the bracket exceeds 10 players we will increase the prize as the bracket grows.

Tournament Rules.

Frigate Class
Destroyer Class

Elimination style Brackets, Players will be pitted against one another in 2 types of combat 1v1 solo and 3v3 fleet combat depending on the tournament type. Last Ship standing wins. Prizes vary on participation.

Entry Fees:
Standard Class:
Frig Class: 5Mil ISK
Dest Class 10Mil ISK
Cruiser Class 20 Mil ISK

Faction Classes:
Frig Class: 25 MIl ISK
Cruiser Class 50 Mil ISK

Rules: & Restrictions
#1. No Podding, Podding will disqualify you from winnings
#2. No Faction Ships (This includes Pirate and Navy)
#2.1 Faction Ships are allowed only within Faction Tournaments
#3. Payments must be collected prior to bracket creation.
#4. Obvious but none the less no offgrid boosts or logi

Prizes & Information:
10 Man Single Elimination Tournament Prizes as follows

Standard Class Prizes:

Frig Class: 40 Mil
Destroyer Class: 80 Mil
Cruiser Class: 180 Mil

Faction Class:
Frig Class: 220 Mil
Cruiser Class: 450 Mil