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Winthorp for CSM - Make WH's great again.

#21 - 2017-02-09 07:30:39 UTC
Ordo GArr wrote:
As the second owner of Winthorp the character (the original owner no longer plays, as far as I know), I'd like to express concern about the number of owners the character has had.

I personally know of at least four owners, including the present one; the reality is that with so many owners over the years it is hard to be sure of the identity of "Winthorp," their history, and what they may stand for.

At any rate, the current Winthorp probably has much less of a history and breadth of experience than the character history would hint at, which should dissuade anyone from selecting them for CSM.

Have a listen to the poor that had to sell a char once and has sellers remorse. I hope that you have now found skill extractors so you can't have a whine about your next life decision.

I am actually amazed at how many people so far have failed to even read this thread or are on the crystal pistol.
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