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EVE Launcher

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EVE Launcher version types

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CCP Snorlax
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#1 - 2016-11-21 10:59:00 UTC
The launcher can be set to one three version types:

  • Release
  • Beta
  • Development

Changing the version type is done in the settings accessible from the E menu (or Preferences on the Mac) - not in the settings in the main GUI. Most players never have to worry about this setting so it is kind of tucked away by design.

The release version is the default, and what you should normally leave it at.

The development version is the bleeding edge - literally any time any change is made and checked into source control, a new dev version is built. This often means the change has not been thoroughly tested - usually it means it will run on my machine, but that's not even guaranteed. The point of the dev version is to allow us to test changes, but it also sometimes means that the launcher is broken in that particular version - sometimes so broken it won't start and thus won't update to the next version. In that case you will have to reinstall the launcher.

The beta version type is the middle ground - we have at least tested that it starts up and will allow changing back to the release version, and will update to the next version. We recommend that players that are curious to see upcoming features, or want to help us test use the beta version rather than the development version. You can think of this as a stable dev version.

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