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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

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Order of Silver Star
#61 - 2017-02-18 07:51:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Shiorinar

I really enjoyed the new Tutorial and all the changes to the Game. Especially for new players. I have tried the game several times, first time was in Beta (got in with the French) Last time I tried the game was 8 years ago.

This time it hooked me finally. I believe there is room for some small improvements but overall it is a 10x Orders of Magnitude better than before.

Especially in terms of Fun factor and Balance. I know not everything was added recently (I am finding out) but the Tutorial is great, the continuation with Career Agents is also great.

The rewards (Ships Money Fittings skills etc) are good to setup new players a bit more solidly on their feet and ease the steep learning curve and minimize the shock of losses. Besides many of today's MMORPG players are not used to an Old School Sandbox (I player Ultima Online for 5 years before EVE). Still as much as I have always liked EVE's Sandbox Premise, Open ended Play and Sandbox focus. It was some specific mechanics and balance that kept me away, which now seem to have been addressed very nicely, or at least definitely greatly improved.

I have not moved on to the SOE Epic arc yet but looking forward to it as well.

It is all very exciting so far and looking forward to explore and discover more.

Suggestions for Improvements:

In the tutorial missions the first Top Frigate Handed to the player might be good to include a step about Insurance.

The Agent Mission reward the same ship (Basic Combat line) so that is good but players do not know it in advance, and the BPC given requires some materials which can only come from either the market or 0.4. The market can be costly and without insurance money new players may feel constrained should they wish to rebuild the Frigate. Mining in 0.4 comes of course with a risk, and for new players can turn in to further losses which could discourage some.

So insurance step before the big engagement battle of the Tutorial would be great. It would teach new players about minimizing losses too, as it is and integral part of EVE.

The rest flows very well.

On the Career Agents my only comment is n relation to Exploration. It is very exciting Career. As an Explorer Type player it got me hooked. However it is disappointing to find out that there is not much to do in High Sec with exploration as Site are very rare and one either needs to venture in WH's (which I did a couple of times, for the first time Yay!) or go to low sec. Both are not easy prospects for new players without proper skills ship and fitting knowledge.

It therefore is an exciting aspect of the game but that new players have to wait for. It maybe good to add some more sites in High Sec.

Or have an Advanced Exploration Career agent to further guide a player. Albeit, the fun of a Sandbox game is to make new friends and establish relations with other players interact and learn like that. So I am skeptical about too much Player2NPC interaction beyond New Player Phase.

Maybe a career Agent could be steer players towards interaction with others put them in contact with some Player run Organizations which hold neutral status in EVE and are welcoming everyone willing to help grow.

Another area is Planetary Colonization, this is new to me but there doe snot seem to be a Career agent to teach about it. Maybe a future addition?

To close, my initial impression this time around has been quite positive. I lost a few ships (one in a WH) but thanks to the NPE I was able to absorb the shock in a smoother way and recover in away which permits me as a player to learn form my own mistakes as I am not totally handicapped, and thus grow in a more paced way. I just love the new Mining Frigates, no more mining with 25 cubic meters cargo hold back and forth to base, hehe, this is great. The specialized holds.bays are a great improvement.

Many Time sinks and Tedium have been eased out or all together removed. And I think this is overall very positive for EVE, because, intentional tedium and times sinks, are a thing of the past and also at some level I would say conflict with the essence of freedom a sandbox is characterized with. The playground vs the Themepark, but if the play ground has obstacles then it loses its appeal. And EVE has much depth and much potential even after all these years which would go undiscovered with too many obstacles.

So thank you Devs for this new refreshing Direction :)
Thunder Storm-Ranger
State War Academy
Caldari State
#62 - 2017-02-21 17:08:21 UTC
HI everyone,

The Tutorial, or New Player Experience is great congrats on work well done.

Just one thing for me: why is most of the targets so far? Like the info shard, 107 km away, really? Bit of a waste of time.

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#63 - 2017-03-24 07:44:45 UTC
Hello ISD Athechu,

I started playing this game in June 2008 and over the years I've experienced various versions of the NPE. I agree 100% with what all of the other players have posted, both pros and cons for this latest NPE.

I'd just like to add that it's a bit confusing to all of a sudden be thrust into the middle of a battle in a ship right after completing Character Creation. Granted the new tutorial is on the right track but I think part of the old tutorial should have been included with this new one.

To be more specific the player should appear in the Captains Quarters first right after Character Creation with Aura explaining the basic functions and how to access the various station services. The last station service to be explained should be on how to fit and operate the Corvette before joining the Battle where the Fleet Commander takes over to give instruction on basic piloting tactics. After the player gets podded, have Aura explain about clones and give the player a Combat Frigate BPC before being sent to the Career Agents.

The pop up communication portraits of Aura, the Fleet Commander and the Scientist should be animated a bit, they seem second rate compared to all of the detailed action happening on screen. I understand the reason for showcasing the Radial Menu but it's done way too much, the actual Overview and the Selected Item boxes are barely mentioned. Also the enemy NPC's should be race specific per Faction, meaning since I'm Minmatar I should be fighting against Angel Cartel, not against weak fake versions of the super Drifters currently active in-game.


Tormen Soth
Disciples of the Ebon Dragon
#64 - 2017-04-10 23:25:17 UTC
I really enjoyed the tutorial as a new player I feel it did a great job getting a new player into the story. I agree As already mentioned about the radial menu as I think it's use is more confusing then just using the overview, but generally I feel the tutorial does a great job.

I would probably suggest some kind of warning to new players about gate camps though as it is probably the worst thing a new player is going to have to deal with and as there is nothing a new player can really do against it without spending days charting safe spots and using 3rd party utilities as this is something which most new players won't do and just quit playing instead. I know by the 4th or 5th time I hit a gate camp I was ready to quit and had it not been for a generous pirate to offer to buy me another ship I would have quit for sure. I quickly lost that ship 5 minutes later to another gate camp, but it was enough hope to at least to keep me going. So with little funds left I re rolled another toon and started again through the wonderful tutorial and followed by running all the career missions which has at least kept me in the game a bit longer. All in all I would say the tutorial has probably been my favorite part of the game. After the tutorial ends though it feels like I'm playing Russian roulette with a gun half loaded....pick a gate and half the time lose all your stuff.

I understand that being new is tough, but perhaps some kind of warning to let new people know what really is in store for them when the tutorial ends and how easy it is to get put out of the game so early in their career. My first toon lasted 1 day and was done. I can only imagine how many other players get taken out of the game on their first day and call it quits.
Orim Silverhand
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#65 - 2017-06-20 14:19:25 UTC
So I just finished this. Not bad. I didn't want my new ship to blow up but apparently that's the game :( After that I went to the agents it suggested. The combat ones where fun, the exploration one was too. Even business was ok. but Industry was stupid. The last one requiring you to build 5,000 ammo. It takes hours for no reason. I would have just bought it but the text said NO BUYING IT.

My biggest problem was that upon finishing these quests I put a scanning ship together (whatever one had a boost to scanning) and set out. I made it to a system and started scanning down a relic site. For some reason it would not go past 69% and just stayed orange the whole time. IT wasn't until 30 minutes later I saw there was a tool tip saying it was difficulty IV or something. I'm guessing I need higher skills for it then? I plugged in Astro something (probe strength) and logged off since I couldn't progress anymore.

It would be nice to demon strait these difficulties in the tutorial so I don't keep trying to do something that is impossible. I'm also curious where the next plot mission is. Not sure where to find that information.
Dakkara Davaham
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#66 - 2017-06-28 09:57:44 UTC
Just the thread I was looking for.

So, I am a noob to Eve. Was looking for something a little more complex and challenging than STO. Been playing that for years, but have more free time now, and there isn't much challenge to it, so after some research I settled on Eve.

Back when Eve was new, there was another MMO that came out around that time if memory serves me correctly, that I spent the better part of a decade playing, Anarchy Online. And to give a little more perspective, back in prehistoric times I programmed in Cobol, Fortran, etc. before there was Windows.

That said, the intro became grueling quick... because every time you don't follow the breadcrumbs, and do it exactly the way your AI companion is instructing you to do it, it likes to bug out, and the mission can't complete, or restarts at an earlier point, etc.

So while my AI companion is babbling on about how I have to warp and jump over to this other place, I'm already on my way... ooops... then she says I am supposed to hit Auto Pilot to get there, or she should have, not sure, I was splitting my time between piloting myself there and scrolling over skills info.

Or earlier there was that part where I am supposed to rescue a scientist, but ooops, I had already been poking around and rescued her already... that didn't work out so well either.

I guess what I am saying, is that for those people who are used to playing these types of games, and like to solve things as quick as there curious minds can, this is going to be oh so annoyingly frustrating that they have to do everything step by step or the mission will likely bug, and you are stuck wasting time redoing it, or worse.

What is needed here is a few more simple If x = y then go to A, if the scientist is in the player's inventory, the program needs to move the story ahead, not jerk the player backwards because he can't go rescue her when told... because she's already rescued.

Or if I get to my destination but never hit the Auto Pilot to do it, I shouldn't be stuck in an incomplete mission that I now have to try to fix through some time consuming back tracking... because I preferred to start my journey before the lengthy dissertation I was being given got around to telling me to hit the Auto Pilot to get there.

And don't get me going about the mining mission that tells me to go mine an ore, that I haven't found after visiting about 50 asteroid belts, where are the bread crumbs for that one?

So a lot to like about the game, from what little I have seen so far, but the types of glitches I am mentioning are making it tough to fall in love with it on day one.
Dakkara Davaham
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#67 - 2017-06-28 10:14:45 UTC
Tormen Soth wrote:
I I would probably suggest some kind of warning to new players about gate camps though as it is probably the worst thing a new player is going to have to deal with and as there is nothing a new player can really do against it without spending days charting safe spots and using 3rd party utilities as this is something which most new players won't do and just quit playing instead. I know by the 4th or 5th time I hit a gate camp I was ready to quit and had it not been for a generous pirate to offer to buy me another ship I would have quit for sure. I quickly lost that ship 5 minutes later to another gate camp, but it was enough hope to at least to keep me going. .

My friend, may I offer you a bit of advice?

Take a half hour out of your life to watch a YouTube video or two about any new MMO game you want to play, there are always players doing reviews on youtube, telling you the 'secrets' about games... its worth your time, and sure enough one thing everyone seemed to talk/write about was gank squads/ambushes outside 'safe' zones. Especially around jump gates, learning not to use auto pilot they say helps that.

The best way around that for a new player is to stay IN the safe zones and learn about how the game mechanics work, for the first day or two anyways.Pirate

Raven Rendraven
#68 - 2017-06-29 02:01:56 UTC
Just wanted to do a follow up, in case anyone is reading these (posted yesterday Dakkara).

Today was Day 2 and I ran a new character/race through, all the way went smooth with no problems, figured out what I did wrong with the opening agent mission, and have so far completed to the 3rd mining mission, I now have two Venture mining ships, more than 3 mil ISK, and have to say it has been smooth sailing thanks to the help of those who gave me some advice on the Rookie channel.

Comparing this to the learning curve for Noobs to what I experienced over the years on Anarchy Online, STO, and a couple others I ran thru, I would have to say this is as good as any I have dealt with, especially considering the complexity and depth of this game.

Feel a lot more comfortable today than I did at the end of day one.
4ghi4 huk
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#69 - 2017-07-23 11:53:46 UTC
I've never played EVE before, I don't want to offend sensibilities but the game never interested me until now perhaps my growth as a player brought me to this type of complex game .
I made two accounts with 3 Alphas each to do the tutorials, know the game and learn basic game mechanics.
In two clones bugged tutorials was impossible to proceed tutorial and IA come into conflict.
In four clones success, no bugs, everything works fine you go from zero to hero. (was fun)

Let's talk about that start from scratch in the game, some things need to be better explained, how to load guns is not clear , some subjects simply are not addressed no mention of rigs, cloaking .

If goal is to just teach the basics I consider 80% complete about what I need to know to play in a very limited way.

I think the whole preparation really donĀ“t shows how much this game is hostile to new players but is another subject.