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EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion

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New Alliance Tournament Events

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Gallente Federation
#1 - 2016-10-13 14:14:50 UTC  |  Edited by: DrysonBennington
Alliance Tournaments

PvP in tournaments is exciting but what about other events that would add venues to a month long series of events?

New Alliance Tournament Events:

1. Freighter Run, Running Through The Forrest - Freighter pilots along with their escorts would have to make a five jump run hauling valuable cargo that the other team has to locate and destroy. If the freighter makes it to the destination then the freighter team wins. Twenty ships on both sides of any class that would include one Dreadnought per team could be fielded.

2. Archeology Hunt, The Language of the Slaves - Three teams would engage in a ten jump radius searching for relic sites. Once the relic site had been hacked and controlled by a team the team would need to capture the remaining two relic sites to be considered the winner. Ten ships per team up to battleship class.

3. Octogon Extravaganza, Just Stop - Five teams would engage level five PvE type mission sites of three rooms each. Once through through the PVE portion of the event the teams would have to scan down a beacon in the central room that is their beacon. Once captured the timer would stop and the remaining teams given five minutes to change out to PvP ships. Once the timer ended all team members regardless of where they were would be jump bridged to the central room for PvP. 15 ships per team up to Carrier class with one carrier and one dread per team.

4. Miners Delight, We All Mine Down Here - Miners would have to mine a certain amount of ore and then reprocess the ore into minerals where a certain amount of minerals would then have to be reprocessed. When one criteria is met it yields a pass key to a determined system that can then be attacked. When both criteria have been met a pass key for all systems is dropped allowing the team to search for opponents and attack their mining operations. Five teams in a 15 system jump radius. Each team would have three mining barges of any type and 15 PvP ships. An Orca can be fielded but if fielded the number of PvP ships then drops to 10 total. Pass keys from destroyed opponent ships would be dropped or found in the salvage of a destroyed opponents ship that would require a Noctis to salvage from the wreck. Either all of the enemies ships would need to be destroyed or a central hidden room found where each team would be required to mine a rock completely in order to win the event.

Female winners get a date with Dryson. Male winners get a Nun Ya.
ISD Buldath
#2 - 2016-10-16 19:02:48 UTC
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