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118.9 - General feedback (PC)

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Dominous Nolen
The Graduates
The Initiative.
#41 - 2016-10-11 16:37:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Dominous Nolen
dhunpael wrote:
Removal of the IGB is giving problems in the wormhole comunity at this moment.
We're in the middle of testing new solutions but have no backup if this fails
This coupled with some CREST problems (rate limits) is putting us in a tight spot.

Don't forget mass tracking.. That's not currently functional in crest, so if you need to know exact mass calculations currently we're SOL until its been enabled.

Thread Here for updates on ship info/Ship mass via crest.


"Fly dangerously, Fly safe, Fly whatever, just keep Flying." - Lee Blackwood

Linoire Ironblade
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#42 - 2016-10-11 16:45:06 UTC
RE: In-game browser

Wasn't the justification for removing it the maintenance of the code was extra development bandwidth that would be better placed elsewhere?

My brain always loses a few cells when I see a company maintaining their own browser. Both Chrome and Firefox are open source, and you can slam whatever GUI over their Web View that you please. In fact, you can just import the web view as an object and respond to simple events (i.e. clicking back, home, etc).

Essentially, CCP could have nixed all of their browser code, imported a main-line Firefox/Chrome Web View into the window that was used by the IGB (I mean, it's already there, it already has the buttons). They then could have leveraged the plugin system of whichever browser base they chose to inject the HTTP headers they use to pass system and character information to sites that can make use of it (dotlan, tripwire, siggy).

After a small bit of work, they would have only the plugins to maintain. They could do automated builds when the "master" versions of Chrome or Firefox were released.

Note to any future game developers: JUST STOP trying to write your own browsers using full source integration. Instead leverage existing browsers that already offer Web View objects (they all do, even MS Edge, and IE).
Queen of Jita
Neutron Blaster Solutions
#43 - 2016-10-11 16:55:27 UTC
CCP Lebowski wrote:
Ivan Beer wrote:
not all the burst bpo's are available on the market, only the armor.....

They aren't all in the same place, they will be spread across NPC space in appropriate places :)

Sure man Big smile.
It would pain you if you list in this thread NPC sellers, right? Oops

This is a part of CCP policy I just can't understand.
Your answer shows that from a basic information you are trying to create a "secret lore". In my opinion in each BPO should be the information where the BPO is seeded by NPC corp. Old players have enough advantages over the new ones by their knowledge and expirience. Hiding this kind of info is not necessary. It would be better if you just didnt answer.

Ivan - you may find npc sellers of most blueprints in the chruker website. Just google: Chruker bpo "item name"
new charges are not listed, but they are sold in main faction military corpos: Caldari Navy, Republic Navy, Federation Navy, etc. Mining Burst Charges - probably by ORE. didnt check.

BTW - CCP good work with fleet boosts on-grid. But mining boosts revamp sucksBig smile
If you want to create short range boost - like 30 - 50 km, this will kill nullsec mining in the belts. For example in -0.9 system I mined the rocks are 200-500 km each other. Short range mining boost makes asteroids belts completely useless. You know it right, or just didn't remember? Twisted

Game changes in general - in my opinion POS mechanics is much better than new structures mechanics. If you gave the players a choice leaving the POSes and adding the Citadels/Complexes as well, you would see that POSes were still alive an popular. If you wanted to improve gameplay lookin at players behaviour and giving them what they want, giving the choice would be good strategy. But your intention to rid the people off the high sec giving them crappy structures only is too obvious. P
Bellasarius Baxter
Zilog Enterprises
#44 - 2016-10-11 17:17:54 UTC
The Mining Laser Field Enhancement Blueprint is lacking the word "Charge" in its name.
Dhinesbeth Valnuuhr
Team-Pyro Industries
#45 - 2016-10-11 17:21:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Dhinesbeth Valnuuhr
Dear Developers,

for years I vowed to never post on the forums. I didn't view my style of playing important enough to warrant a public opinion. I've been playing Eve for years in a way which is likely alien to most. Before I lay out my points I'd like to give you a background info. That kind of exposure could be harmful to me, but I don't know if I keep playing:

Her story wrote:
A friend invited me to play Eve with him and the corporation, as he knew I enjoy my support role and my love for building and nurturing things. I also always liked trading. Maybe I got good because of my long years of financial instability and my passion for helping others out.

That made me main a trader. I second a miner/industrialist and a salvager/scanner. I don't have a combat character, I'm not good at shooting things. I didn't try a second account until about 2015 and laid it to rest months ago. As the Corporation became "barren", I still kept with Eve online because of the wonderful experiences I had with these people and the calming effect of "space in the background." I kept performing my duty as a trader and expanded on it and the other aspects of my characters. I've done honest work, never scammed and enjoyed flying around in space to do my bidding because station-trading alone is boring to me and feels like a waste of time. Eve online became a soothing background hum that has gotten me through difficult times over the years, occasionally meeting some wonderful people by chance who also were able to help tremendously. Although most of them probably don't even know that.

In the last two years things happened which cut down on my enjoyment of Eve online. Things which brought a smile to my face for the silliest reasons were taken away and replaced by something dull. I don't talk about gameplay things but more like vanity. Customization options. Interface changes. Comfort removal. It felt bleak, bland, desolate.

Eve online ceased to be the soothing background hum and I felt sad, but still kept at Eve because I told myself it would be unfair to the people I met here and also unfair to the developers. I still saw a chance for them to revisit and revise their work. I also felt it is unfair to the players I never see, for the strange reasons that are my own. I've been supporting items to remote locations or kept other "not lucrative" orders up just because nobody else would fill these holes. I noticed the drop in player count as the competition often died away on these markets. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one left.

Now you touched the only thing I really have a strong feeling for in Eve online which brought me here and break my own vow.

You touched the market and made it incomprehensibly horrendous.

Maybe it is a vain effort, but allow me to try and tell you what wrong you did and suggestions to fix it, with the background of having worked as a designer of sorts:

  1. Why do we need a red line which acts as "zero ISK" and why do we need a negative ISK display? Neither exists on the market. The line is confusing. I understand you tried to make the "volume" bars better visible on low price, high volume goods, but you simply could have moved those volume bars to the top and have a dynamic left axis which adjusts for lowest price when a new low is hit.
  2. The left axis is completely inconsistent in price jumps when scrolling. It makes no sense. You should apply an algorithm which checks price differences and make nice clean round numbers according to it's relation.
  3. Scrolling does not dynamically adjust focus point with price jumps to keep everything in line. It keeps focusing on the zero line. It should be centered on median day price.
  4. Clicking an option in the cogwheel resets the graph instead of keeping where it is.
  5. The time slider does not add up horizontally with the graph window, causing confusion as you don't know what it should refer to. Volume? Prices? Fix it to the same width please, making room for other options.
  6. Time slide colours are too diffuse and hard to see.
  7. There are no presets to click for time shown. I like the slider and how I can click it, but presets which are located below/above the slider chart (and not hidden in a dropdown menu which causes one extra click) would be just as useful.
  8. All bars and dots are scaled to a full year even though only a few days are selected. That makes it difficult to gauge finer changes and makes it less intuitive to look at. Volume bars and price dots should scale dynamically according to the timeframe shown. Making everything refer to 365 (sorry, I meant 364...) days, is terribly lazy design philosophy.
  9. A great example on how intuitive visibility is broken: Look at "Construction Blocks" in Lonetrek. Thanks to that one ridiculous spike, all graphs lack detailed definition.
  10. The graph does not auto-update as you pull the slide because it's fixed to the silly full year range. Make it dynamic based on visibility and auto-update on dragging.
  11. We still can't make our own settings for non-daily average. Why can't I set 10 day or 30 day averages?
  12. We still don't have a setting that says "ignore prices which are x % above and below regional average" to clip away unnecessary spikes.

I like the slider. I like the colours but they should be brighter. I like how there is mouseover information for volume and median day. That's the only things I find good here.

You also should: break up volume into "units sold / units bought" which can be easily done with a second colour (a change I wait for since years) and you should add highest / lowest price on top of the median day mouseover info.

Looking back the last two years, I have no hope of you changing it for the better. Maybe it is time to liquidate my assets and buy some presents for the people who I hold in high regards and wish them farewell.

in silent and real tears,
Dhinesbeth Valnuuhr
OutCast EG
Very Industrial Corp.
#46 - 2016-10-11 17:30:51 UTC
New market graphs are cool and all but are way too dim, please make colors more stand out as it was in the old graph.
Also, price axis should probably bot go into negatives.
Drago Shouna
#47 - 2016-10-11 17:35:54 UTC
CCP Lebowski wrote:
Ivan Beer wrote:
not all the burst bpo's are available on the market, only the armor.....

They aren't all in the same place, they will be spread across NPC space in appropriate places :)

Well how about telling your CUSTOMERS where they are instead of playing ******* childish hide and seek?

Solecist Project...." They refuse to play by the rules and laws of the game and use it as excuse ..." " They don't care about how you play as long as they get to play how they want."

Welcome to EVE.

Atrox Wagner
Drunk Unicorns In Diapers
#48 - 2016-10-11 18:12:22 UTC
@ccp what happened to Crimson Harvest event ? stated and promised in today's release ?
Dirty Sanchez Squad
#49 - 2016-10-11 18:14:29 UTC
I got one bookmark.dat file with 3 urls in my shared cache map, where the rest?
Porucznik Borewicz
#50 - 2016-10-11 18:22:26 UTC
Arvyn Nomatsu wrote:
The Display Effects option "Asteroid Environments" seems to have stopped working.

Regardless of setting the cleaners need to some clean up all this messy dust every where !!
Can confirm that. Please fix.
Dhinesbeth Valnuuhr
Team-Pyro Industries
#51 - 2016-10-11 18:26:09 UTC
I did not mean to add a second post but there is no room editing any more:

The slider saves each position for each item individually and never acts smart about it. That is nauseating.

When I look at a portion of an item, a 40 day segment from earlier this year, it STAYS there only for this very item until I log out. It's okay that it prevails through session changes to not disturb during warping. It's okay that it does not save it when logging out. Still I'm sure there are people who want options for that.

I don't care for having the time slider saved at that position. It's actually getting in my way of doing my trading.
If I review the item again it might be in a different region where that selection doesn't apply any more, so I want it snapped back to the earliest record at my default time window. There is no way to set a default time window currently. There should be. 30 days default are not what I am used to work with. There are already too many clicks in the user interface that need to be done to get to a reasonable result and adding more clicks to it isn't helping.

I'm sorry for the long posts, I really have a troubling time with all of it.
Kartex CZ
#52 - 2016-10-11 18:39:46 UTC

in-game browser ends? This is bad news, I thought that the CCP will be in-game browser support and additionally implements viewer videos ... eg. Youtube browser :(
My Wormhole Hurts
#53 - 2016-10-11 18:51:52 UTC
I had no idea that this Siggy even existed and that it maps and logs as you jump around W-Space. Guess I can't miss something I didn't even know about. I am sorry for your loss.

Cant' you just alt-tab out and use chrome?

Conar 07
#54 - 2016-10-11 19:01:20 UTC
You took away the IGB.
I am going to miss that little tool. To me your recent changes seem like backward steps.
You need a change in management over there at the HQ.

Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#55 - 2016-10-11 19:09:12 UTC  |  Edited by: 13kr1d1
Drago Shouna wrote:
CCP Lebowski wrote:
Ivan Beer wrote:
not all the burst bpo's are available on the market, only the armor.....

They aren't all in the same place, they will be spread across NPC space in appropriate places :)

Well how about telling your CUSTOMERS where they are instead of playing ******* childish hide and seek?

Im not quite on your page. Im actually not upset about something like that if it were the case (such as this case it clearly is), because I think part of the idea of any mmo or game is exploration, and just being spoonfed things is antithetical to even playing a game, let alone any other hobby.

Theres a difference between given info and spoonfed and you're wanting to be spoonfed.

Im more annoyed that they have introduced such a thing as charges in the first place. Do the leadership skills no longer work without charges, or are they buffs? If they're buffs, then they are just another "consumable" you have to haul around, further making the game fiddly.

If they make the LS work at all, then at least there's an interesting point to it, an interaction, even if it is more fiddly. Still completely not a fan of "charges". Lets assume they stack on leadership skills, so fleet booster has the skill then eats a charge. You're talking power creep, plain and simple.

Don't kid yourselves. Even the dirtiest pirates from the birth of EVE have been carebears. They use alts to bring them goods at cheap prices and safely, rather than live with consequences of their in game actions on their main, from concord to prices

Kasia Kash
Raging Bull TC
#56 - 2016-10-11 19:21:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Kasia Kash
FraXy wrote:

Easily would be having an option to set a default displayed time to show, but from 5 minutes right clicking just about everything that is not the case.
Market items are set as 30 day default and any slider changes you make doesn't carry over to other items.

I don't know about the rest of the people trying to trade, but manually setting the time for ALL items whenever I feel like looking at different time displays is not what I would call intuitive and easy.


Add back the drop-down box to universally change the time displayed by default and while you're at it allow the option to add custom times.

Thank you.

Totally agree, the sliding thing its a pain in the *ss. A box to customize colors would be a def +1 too

Edit: an option to remove the animation please, its nice but it gets into annoying very soon
BlackWatch Industrial Group
Reckless Contingency.
#57 - 2016-10-11 19:27:19 UTC
Milla Goodpussy wrote:
way to go on killing the IGB and not putting that huge detail into patch notes so that everyone could save their bookmarks to their external browser ahead of time.

like wowzers ccp and you promised proper communication of huge changes ahead of time. not!

This has been talked about for months.

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.

Ferfex CZ2
#58 - 2016-10-11 19:40:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Ferfex CZ2
someone has the same problem with turrets? No cycling and only manual repeating .... only missiles and other modules works ...

see this:

(sorry for dark video)
Omamori Himari
Pandora Hearts
#59 - 2016-10-11 19:40:38 UTC
Porucznik Borewicz wrote:
Arvyn Nomatsu wrote:
The Display Effects option "Asteroid Environments" seems to have stopped working.

Regardless of setting the cleaners need to some clean up all this messy dust every where !!
Can confirm that. Please fix.

sme here,fix it pls... , and about IGB, i have swichet on overwolf, it have option to open in-game links and it works in guild wars 2, tera online, so why you forse in-game links to be open in default browser???? when i clik on link in game there is pop up window with: The link you clicked will open in your default browser.
any solution on this?? pls healp

ps. you forsed me to upgrate my old potato with win Xp, and to use out of game browser so at least fix "Asteroid Environments"

Your CUSTOMER Evil o7
Sylvia Kildare
Kinetic Fury
#60 - 2016-10-11 19:48:42 UTC
People, they made the decision on the IGB in like June or July. It was mentioned in at least one dev blog/news post then, it was mentioned again a couple months later when they removing the IGB as the default browser for in-game links (which is why we all now get that annoying-but-safety-ensuring pop-up whenever we click a non-in-game link), and now they've removed the full IGB.

In October. As was planned since the summer.

If you missed all the warning about it over the past few months, no amount of warning in the past week was going to get through to you. The time has arrived, so... it's gone. Simple as that.

Khan Wrenth wrote:
DevBlog wrote:
Stargates would occasionally express their envy of dynamic objects by moving to a different position in their solar system after down

This caused me to spit coffee all over my keyboard and desk. Thanks for that.

I've undocked multiple toons from a citadel only to have one of them appear in space ON a stargate.

So I wasn't too shocked to hear about this.