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ATXIV Finals Viewing Party, Birmingham England

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2016-10-01 09:36:41 UTC
I am super excited to announce that on Sunday October 16th, in co-operation with #EVE_NT, I will be hosting a Alliance Tournament Finals viewing party & meetup!

When: Sunday October 16th, starting ~15:30 local time.
Where: The Bristol Pear, Selly Oak, Birmingham, England

The Bristol Pear is a 30 second walk from Selly Oak train station, which has regular trains to and from Birmingham New Street, Birminghams main train station. If you are planning on driving I would suggest avoiding the centre of town as it is the day of the Birmingham Half Marathon, so some roads will still be closed.

Prediction competition: There will be a competition to predict the outcome of the finals day games, with the winner receiving one Sansha Victory Edition skin

Come have a pint with EVE nerds as we watch the final day of the tournament!