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The Shadow of Serpentis event, miscommunication and autism apparently.

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Discordia Duenna
Caldari State
#221 - 2016-08-25 17:00:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Discordia Duenna
Jenn Aside wrote:
I might bring up the issue of these types of events of people who are susceptible to some really bad effects. Despite all the hurf blurff going on in this thread (much of it I think isn't really genuine), I think CCP might take a bit more care with how grindy these things are and how much they reward compulsive behaviors.

Can I point something out actually. You talk of people experiencing some really bad effects....I haven't reported any, has anyone else? In fact I feel great as a result of finishing this event, it really gave me quite a boost in self-esteem and turned the tables on a downward trend of mental health, mainly from being exasperated with people in general. I'm not sure taking away these opportunities from people who experience "maladies" as you put it (which btw I see as on par with calling someone from a foreign country by their skin colour for offensiveness, just be glad I don't report this tbh...) will do anything other than make them find the same activity elsewhere. You clearly don't understand anything about being on the spectrum. Actually, now I reflect on what you have said, it fills me with dread that you should be someone who thinks you can champion an issue like this on our behalf. You said it aren't on the spectrum, so politely take this in to consideration.

I mean my "maladies" are what enable me to run circles around your argumentation, maybe you need a class or two in what being on the spectrum actually means?

No matter the grind, people will always grind anyway.