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Mass of Wrecks - Public NPSI Events Fleet

Jason Quixos
Mass of Wrecks
#1 - 2016-07-29 17:03:44 UTC
Mass of Wrecks is a new community created event, that will operate a monthly NPSI themed events fleet. Combining the support of EVE-BET, EVE-NT and CCP Guard with the o7show, we are pleased to announce our maiden event, Gallente Grind. The first of four themed events, from a series to cover the low end hulls of the main factions in EVE online.

Gallente Grind - Sunday 28th August

  • In Brief: Sunday 28th August, 19:00 EVE time - Departing 20:00
  • Forming up: Amarr
  • Planned roam time: 2 hours
  • The Ships: T1 or Faction Gallente Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates ONLY!!
  • The Fits: Armour tank, rails and drones.
  • Special ops required: Interdictors(Phobos/Eris only), scouts and MFJG Pilots (Magus).
  • Destination: Mass of Wrecks [OPSEC]
  • In-Game channel: Mass of Wrecks
  • Prizes: Over 15bil ISK courtesy of EVE-BET

First up is the Gallente Faction. In the following months we shall cover the other factions, in similar themed events. Our intentions are to have this as a live broadcast event, or as close to, with several streamers joining in on the action, and live broadcasts from the EVE-Radio team. The full details are on our website

Sticking with our ethos of being cheap and going deep, this event is restricted to T1 Gallente Hulls only, and cruiser sized or smaller. We want to keep this event and fleet open to as many pilots as possible, so keeping the entry requirements low is a must. Keeping the fleet together the FC's will need to ensure no ship is too slow or an obvious target so the hull size has been restricted for this reason.

The route of this fleet will include high, low and null security space. It will be a continuously roaming fleet until we reach our final destination. :)

Perfect for players new to PvP, or fleet fights, Mass of Wrecks aims to deliver ship explosions far and wide. Chocolate Rahne will be joining us on this fleet from the EVE-NT team, and bringing some new-bros to the carnage.

We would like all ships to be fitted with an armour tank, long range weapons, and abuse the Gallente drone bonuses if you can. This fleet will carry no fixed doctrine at this time other than Gallente / armour / ranged weapons. Full ship restrictions can be found on the website.

Screenshot for a PLEX Competition

There will be several prizes up for grabs which you can see detailed on the Mass of Wrecks website, but we wanted to highlight one in particular; the screenshot competition we will be running through-out this event. This event will include plenty of opportunity for some beautiful screengrabs and we expect there to many really great shots of you in action. Mid-explosion would be an added bonus. Details of how to share your screenshots will appear on the mass of wrecks website.

Gamble with your ships for a chance to gamble with ISK

Teaming up with EVE-BET we are able to bring over 15bil ISK worth of prizes and rewards to participants. The large majority of these rewards will be in the form of EVE-BET codes, so if you don’t already have an account, fire yourself over there and set one up. Then you will be all set up and ready for betting on the ATXIV with EVE Onlines premier betting website.

o7Show support

CCP Guard has offered some additional love and prizes for this event in the form of a few ship SKIN's, and some coverage on the o7show. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Sign me up already

You can use the website to set yourself a reminder for this event - and at the same time enter yourself into another draw for a PLEX. The first event takes place on Sunday 28th August, the day after the theomachy event, at 20:00 EVE time. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mass of Wrecks - In the end it is inevitable.

Space Cadet Online - A wee blog about my exploits Mass Of Wrecks - Public NPSI Events Fleet - launching 28th August

Akrasjel Lanate
Lanate Industries
#2 - 2016-07-30 07:16:07 UTC
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