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[118.6] Recurring Opportunity removal

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Maizie Fields
Eden Ranch Injector Spa
#281 - 2016-06-28 14:10:08 UTC

Thinking of selling? Eden Ranch is now buying characters. Please contact me for an offer!


Maizie Fields, Chief Injection Officer

#282 - 2016-06-28 14:21:14 UTC
Maizie Fields wrote:
As a pioneer of the burgeoning skillpoint farming industry, I have mixed feelings on the removal of the dailies.

At the Ranch, we grow new characters or repurpose existing characters into "Harvestable Toons" (or "HTs") by optimizing training attributes (typically to I/M or P/W) and fitting them with +5 implants in order to yield 1,944,000 skillpoints per month. With dailies, we were able to raise the productivity of each Harvestable Toon from 3.8 to 4.0 skill injectors per month by having the HT simply run 6 "Thrill of the Hunt" missions during the month. The effort required minimal time, could be rotated through all three toons per account during a given month, and made for a nice, even 4 injector per month output per toon.

With the removal of dailies, while we lose that productivity benefit, our business becomes more passive. With the time savings, we'll be able to manage more accounts and more toons. The removal of dailies should also modestly increase the demand for skill injectors. Although our profitability per Harvestable Toon will decline, we believe we will be able to maintain and even increase the overall profitability of the business.

I just have this vision of hanging racks of struggling people, screaming as the extractors are put into their heads, a dull glaze forming as they begin to forget things.

Mental note: Do not schedule "spa day."

Eve is like an addiction; you can't quit it until it quits you. Also, iderno

Skipper Riddles
Ivory Vanguard
#283 - 2016-06-28 14:40:38 UTC
Let the new KID fix the problem. A positive solution to a real problem.

We all know that SP is the real Golden Egg the goose lays. Especially for players under 4 years. So we can assume that SP is going to be the real gravitational pull to bring people back into the game consistently. The real issue is how do we deploy this. In the Milky way Galaxy people are becoming lazy with an entitlement factor. We want something for nothing. But in reality to incorporate that into your real time business plan will always lead to certain failure. In New Eden pilots do not have the luxury we have adopted here on earth. If you don't work for it, you don't get it. So this plan not only fits your current game design, but also insists pilots do a little more for the rewards.

I have developed the KID & KIS system...

knowledge Injection Device
offering SP respective to the number listed after KID so the KID300 injects 300SP directly to the pilots unallocated SP pool.

Can be found in certain containers in-

Combat sites
Occasionally found by extractors during PI
Looted during data site encounters.
Special reward doing missions - R&D offering an enhanced version.
Once found and looted the result is immediately added as unallocated SP the KID cannot be transported, sold or traded.
Once the KID is handled, the electronic stasis field becomes disabled and the countdown timer of 30 seconds begins if the KID can not make a connection to the KIS, (if a pilot has not purchased one, it will self-destruct after the 30-second timer runs out.)

To avoid exploitation of this device it cannot be dropped during any PVP activity.
(Deployment to the pilot must be contained to a decision making process within your network NPC logic algorithms.)

Works in tandem with-
KIS port - knowledge Injection Service Port.

tech I, tech II, and prototype each capable of wider band width respectively. Will be lost if the clone is killed and will need to be purchased again. Without this clone enhancement, KID will not function and be considered lost or wasted. tech I can allow connections with KID100 and KID150. tech II can make a connection with KID100, KID150, KID200. prototype has full band width and can handle all KID devices. The KIS can be found, built, sold, and traded. This service port should not be expensive, just a requirement for the KID to connect to through neural transceivers. figuring the price at 3 million, 6 million, and 12 million ISK and requires no special skills to be implanted in the clone.

A new twist...

Any pilot with a negative eight nine or ten standings cannot purchase the KIS interpreter anywhere in New Eden and must rely on finding the device on their own in a data site. KIS units can be found and sold on the market or to anyone with a -6 or higher standing. But the KID### can only be deployed through your NPC system.
Pilots with a -10 standing should be considered sanctioned and that port or pathway is shut down or closed until standings higher than -10. Any attempt to make such a connection on a closed or sanctioned port KIS will cause the KID device to self destruct.

The numbers I used need to be changed to fit your balancing routine and a CAP of some value will also need to be assessed & implemented. Hoping because of the additional playtime, the CAP will be higher than 10,000SP

This is a basic structure for your DEV teams. This may take some work, but as stated earlier; "In New Eden, if you don't work for it, you don't get it"

CCP if you want the full scoop, please contact me personally. Skipper
Skipper Riddles
Ivory Vanguard
#284 - 2016-06-28 14:41:57 UTC
Skipper Riddles wrote:
Galaxy Pig wrote:
Thrill of the hunt was meaningless PVE.

Tell me more about how integral you are.

okay, here it is...

I'm not young enough to know it all !!!

integral you are? will this plan above you work out your kinks?
Smuff Gallente
YuNyx Memorial
#285 - 2016-06-28 15:09:49 UTC
if you weren't planning to log on anyway, the 10,000 free SP boost wasn't really going to change your mind.

if i wasent planning to log in that day nothing short of a free super carrier for logging in would get me to log in just FYI
Dark Templars
The Fonz Presidium
#286 - 2016-06-28 15:18:38 UTC
Ariel Marquette wrote:
Kill the watchlist to make the game easier for the supercap pilots.

Kill the daily SP because the supercap pilots don't want anyone having a shot at closing the skills gap reasonably quickly.

Kill the game by catering to the vociferous minority at the expense of the quiet majority.

New players should be able to fill a supercap gap fairly fast if they wanted to.

For a lot of us, we were around when it took a long time to earn the isk for battleships - not to mention the training back then was bad. The boost now is huge compared to what it was 10 or more years ago. "Noobs" have it much better in the start these days.

R&D used to require standing - standings required missions - missions required good ships and skills. You were forced to skill up and do other things just to move into R&D. Production, Clones, and Markets all went along the same path later on.

Now we have "Citadels" ... No standing required to anchor, potentially no broker fee's. By the sounds of it most things will move over to it and POS will get removed. This is a huge boost to players not needing to gain standings - and also a bit of a boost for them not needing specific skills.

CCP has done a revamp on learning skills and attributes several times now with the result that everyone has the same base stats. Then they turn around and give SOME new players injectors that help them boost their SP/Hour to "not so bad" levels. Sure there was a time when new players could have about 800k SP, but most new players didn't know that.

While I do feel pitty for new players, I think the new players today have early SP/Hour benefits that really remove that early slog us other players had to suffer with.
Personally the first thing I did my learning skills to V and got my Implant skills up high enough to "plug-in", this put me way ahead of others who I knew at the time... New players are only about 13 days away from using +5 implants and having the same leaning speed as nearly all the rest of the players in the game!... For learning skills to max (and remember the "impreoved" learning skills didn't come in till much later too!... Older players would spend about two months!

CCP did introduce Tech3 ships that COULD work as a SP-Drain, who knows if that worked or not.

10k/day was not going to break the game, but it wouldn't hold new players either. The only way you can do this is to just give some sort of "early" learning bonus that slowly goes away over time, from a lore perspective it is easy to explain. Old players might dislike it but that honestly shouldn't matter.

EVE is a complicated game, I feel sorry for CCP in some ways, sorry more so for gamers. Industry is driving publishers to make whatever "blitz", whatever "saga", whatever "boom" as there is so much more to be earned selling token amounts of berries, currency, whatever. CCP said they wouldn't ever go the P2W path (Injectors look like that to me!) and if they do go hard in that direction then a ton of the playerbase will quit.
Memphis Baas
#287 - 2016-06-28 15:19:46 UTC
Seems like a pointless experiment.

You have enough market data to assess the "value" we place on skillpoints vs. ISK or other rewards.
If you were beta-testing the process of rewarding skillpoints through the opportunities system, it seems to have worked.
I am guessing that the increase in activity from players was proportional to the "value" of the reward, and the fact that it was a guaranteed reward (rather than "a chance" to get it).

Free skillpoints seems like a good reward for newbies doing the tutorial opportunities for the first time. Especially since they don't have enough cash to buy injectors.
Big Boys Don't Cry
Kids With Guns Alliance
#288 - 2016-06-28 15:32:40 UTC
Nice, one more reason not to login every day let's make eve online lower
Pandora Carrollon
Provi Rapid Response
#289 - 2016-06-28 15:50:47 UTC
Hmm, well, it caused me to log in more for a while. It was a nice little boost that used right got me a couple of skills moved out of the queue faster. Sad to see it go but I get it.

So, it was good while it lasted, back to the old schedule! Thank you for the attempt CCP. Glad to see you trying.
FoxFire Ayderan
#290 - 2016-06-28 16:35:33 UTC
One of my corp mates said this Recurring Opportunity was often the highlight of her day.

I too, like many, looked forward to it.
John Terence Kelly
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#291 - 2016-06-28 17:00:24 UTC
Add a small amount of SP (less than 50) per NPC kill scaled by the tier/eliteness of the NPC like bounties are. If you want to grind SP you can, but make the amount per kill roughly equate the 10k SP we used to get per day if you play something like 2-3 hours a day. Instead of a 3 second belt rat kill this at least would require sustained farming, ammo usage, risk, etc.
So you want to be a Hero
#292 - 2016-06-28 17:11:47 UTC
CCP let's be honest, giving away free SP bites into your profit margin in Selling SP for $$$ Roll

And we know how much the Company loves selling skill points, even in a convoluted way.

source: eve player uses $ 28.000 of skill injectors to create max character

Regards, a Freelancer

Eve online is :

A) mining simulator B) glorified chatroom C) spreadsheets online

D) CCP Games Pay to Win at skill leveling, with instant gratification

Bexol Regyri
Wrong Hole Deep Drilling Co.
#293 - 2016-06-28 17:19:56 UTC
I have to say I am going to miss this. Even though it just help a little, it felt nice getting that little reward.
Now i know how my dog feels when i make him do a trick for a treat
Mojo Joo
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#294 - 2016-06-28 17:29:37 UTC
These just prove one more time that you are completely clueless about changes you make in this game, and what you do is more like a try and error brought to stupid levels... You manage to **** me off more and more with every day spent in this game... X
Charley Varrick
State War Academy
Caldari State
#295 - 2016-06-28 17:37:46 UTC
Well, considering this came along right after the old cam removal, Your login results are probably not very accurate. A lot of players are not logging in because of the half a$$ed camera we are now forced to use.
Back of Beyond Industries
#296 - 2016-06-28 18:44:44 UTC

If CCP ran a restaurant and two customers came into that restaurant and said:

"I don't like fish take it off the menu"

CCP would take fish off the menu and lose every fish eating customer..

As someone who doesn't have EVE as my main game, the silly little daily opportunity for 10,000 SP gave me an actual reason to log onto EVE every day.

Recently I logged onto EVE 16 days in a row. A record by a long way. Back to logging onto other games first again :(

Shadow Legion
#297 - 2016-06-28 19:32:37 UTC
This smacks more of a response to all the moaning that was done about 'free' SP... I'm very surprised CCP have caved in this easy and removed it completely.
It was a nice little boost(very little) to the odd skill here and there. Especially for the newer players. Or...veterans like me (i'm just outside the first 1000 characters ever created in game).. I have lapsed from the game a lot and have left 6 or 7 times and rejoined over and my SP is lacking compared to some with my character age.
I was looking forward to catching up a little over the older characters that have left/no longer login etc.

I am just wondering where this kind of Recurring Oppurtunities will go in the future.
Will we now only recieve ISK rewards for them? Or are SP rewards still on the agenda?
Amonica Saint Corporation
#298 - 2016-06-28 19:33:34 UTC
That was really nice feature. I was hoping it will be extended and more daily quests will be introduced. It was helpful for beginners.
Eldat Preseen
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#299 - 2016-06-28 19:43:16 UTC
As a brand new player this was a big help. I know all the people with millions of skill points won't really miss it, but it will really hurt the new guys.
HellmeT Creed
SundogZ Corperation
#300 - 2016-06-28 19:58:48 UTC
Eldat Preseen wrote:
As a brand new player this was a big help. I know all the people with millions of skill points won't really miss it, but it will really hurt the new guys.

Agreed, I just bought a years members as well :(