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Crime & Punishment

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Ganking miners in 0.5-0.6 systems

Ice Fire Warriors
#21 - 2016-06-24 22:52:27 UTC
Nitshe Razvedka wrote:
Lan Wang wrote:
embrace the pirate life and go -10.0 Pirate

Never go the full tard, everyone in hisec knows not to go the full tard.Big smile

Psssshhhh... where's the fun in that?

Well... okay... at least have a plan that takes advantage of (or at least accounts for) you going full tard.
Those tend to be the best and most amusing plans. Twisted
Galaxy Pig
New Order Logistics
#22 - 2016-06-27 13:58:59 UTC
Nitshe Razvedka wrote:
Dirty Forum Alt wrote:
Nitshe Razvedka wrote:
You're chasing fairies in the back garden, must have 'that' group mistaken for an active alliance.

I don't believe in fairies.Lol

1,575 kills in the past 7 days. Pretty active fairies, whether you believe in them or not P

All I see is a bunch of hapless jokes killing an ibis or retriever for laughs.

As I said a distant social experiment. Surprising what sub standard clones ( usually biomassed at birth ) will do to blindly make one man wealthy.............morons n twits.

Like Earths prostitute system making the pimp the man, whilst the working girls cop the std's, abuse and lack of respect on the streets. Sad is it not? Such low IQ's they know not what they do.Roll

Best we euthanize these fairies and put an end to this wayward social experiment.

See OP, you can make people as butthurt as this guy by just popping retrievers! :D

Highsec is owned by players now. Systems 0.5-1.0 are New Order Territory. All miners and other residents of Highsec must obey The Code. Mining without a permit is dangerous and harmful to the EVE community. See

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