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[Upcoming] Force Auxillary Skill Reimbursement

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Celly S
Neutin Local LLC
#21 - 2016-05-27 13:27:50 UTC
Unconspicous Alt wrote:
Celly S wrote:
and lastly, it's not "MY" place to tell you (CCP) how to approach any given situation, but, in this particular case, I'd at least urge you to consider it.

You are right, it is not your place. Read the EULA. CCP owns your char, your ships, your items, your plexes, the time you have spent in the game and everything you have achieved during that time. The way that they handled the fighters issue ( where they simply forced everyone to buy 100mil isk skillbook + 45 days training time just to be able to use the same fighters they used before ) made this very clear to everyone involved.

If you dont like it, there are plenty of "can i haz your stuff" players around.

it seems to me that you either did not read my entire post, or did not understand what I wrote, so please allow me to clarify for you and anyone else who may be limited in a similar fashion.

1. I am not affected by this particular issue.
2. I never said I didn't like it, in fact, I never expressed a like or dislike of their decision in any way outside of a comment advocating for other players a resolution that "I" thought would be the fairest one.
3. I understand the eula in it's entirety.
4. See number 2 above, my suggestion was done so in an advocate's position for those who had expressed a concern regarding the decision CCP had made.

And lastly, I hope this clarifies your obvious misunderstanding of my previous comment.

as to the "forced" fighter skill issue, I think that was something that was likely done offhandedly, but my cap/carrier pilots have already been training those and when the changes came, it was an easy transition to the different loadouts and use.

I do sense much butthurt in your comment over that, maybe you were one of the folks who didn't prepare for that?, or maybe you were simply making a statement as an advocate for others?

In any case ty for the reply

Celly Smunt

Of course I'm right... I'm always right. :P

Don't mistake fact for arrogance, supposition for fact, or disagreement for dismissal. Perception is unique in that it can be shared or singular. Run with the pack if you wish, but think for yourself. A sandwich can be a great motivator.

Gaius Clabbacus
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#22 - 2016-05-28 09:54:39 UTC
CCP Habakuk wrote:
Hold Alpha wrote:
When I logged to singularity, the character selection screen still listed FAX in training. Once in my hangar, I noticed the next skill in the list had just started training, meaning the ~12h between the reimbursement happened and I logged in were lost.
I have no way of checking the accuracy of the unallocated SP given, unfortunately. Everything else looked fine.

Could you please poke me on Singularity or through EVE-mail and tell me for which character this was? Then I can check the details in our logs - but for your case the actively training skill should have been reimbursed with free skillpoints as part of the character selection process (which explains why the character selection window still displayed the old skill).

Regarding release date: This is indeed planned for Tuesday, the 31st of May. The release on the 24th is unrelated to this.

Good to know. Thnx
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