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If you are going to do daily patches...

Jorrd Ceribrius
No One Here But Us
#1 - 2016-05-13 00:45:38 UTC
Then have the infrastructure to handle it... I'm downloading the latest patch at a blazing fast speed of ~50 Kb/s on my 60 Mb/s connection.

I can't play the game while waiting an hour for a 41 MB patch that I should have in less than a minute from any other source that has a clue about how to run a server.

If I can't play the game then why am I paying you for it? Get your **** together will you? This is not the first time but is the first time I'm pissed enough to post about it.

I've tested everything I can think of. It's not me. It's YOU.

My subs are up soon...