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An eve refugee, your thoughts on why you stopped playing.

Phoenix Jones
Small-Arms Fire
#1 - 2016-04-26 18:04:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Phoenix Jones
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Eve is addicting. Whenever you leave people say "you will be back". For the most part it's true. Eve has been more of a society than a game for most, transforming people from being a nameless individual to having a purpose and reputation in a game. Most of us have our own small individual notch we've given in order to move gameplay forward.

And we've all hit the wall where we say "fk it all", and walk away. Most to return after months of frustration subsides and you forget why you left.

So I'm asking the question as to why you left, why you returned, and even why you want to leave but haven't yet.

A personal story of myself. I moved across country, changed positions, started a family, and tried wildly to get back into eve. I bought 3 monitors to support multiple accounts, have an actual office to support gameplay, upgraded computer to get more performance, but in the end I sat down and asked myself... Do I really Want to spend the time for this fleet? I sit at the desk watching this monitor while my significant other reads. I wonder whose having the better time.

We all have a drive for self improvement. We all ask ourselves... What should I be doing now.

I would want to know your story of what is barely keeping you here, of why you are leaving, or what frustrated you.

I am not seeing this as some goodbye, but more of self therapy for making a decision to self destruct an identity, and move on in a different direction despite the joy this game has given me.

What is your story. What did you put in that box when unsubbing. What got you to the point of fk it, and what caused you to return.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. I look at my eve history and wonder.... "Is this true"....


NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
#2 - 2016-04-27 08:47:02 UTC
I think I should call my self a former EVE player, but I have trouble staying away from these forums Lol

How I actually feel about EVE.. I'm torn.
EVE has made it possible for me to do a lot of things I wouldn't have if I never played it. Improved my sense of self worth, forced me to learn English, met my best friend and even met my husband and moved across the globe all thanks to EVE.
Because of those things I'm eternally grateful to CCP and I don't regret having spent 10 years in the game.

But then I look at how much quitting has affected me.
Stopped smoking after 13 years, my stress level is way down,I don't feel guilty if I don't log in,I don't get a knot in my stomach every time I get an email wondering what bad news it is this time,no one complaining about small trivial stuff expecting you to fix it that instant.. In general I'm just..happier and it's pretty amazing getting to play other games whenever I want too Lol

Can I say I will never return?
No..if I could my EVE account would have been deactivated about a year ago.

Do I hope I will?
No.. I think I would do all the same mistakes again and in the long run the physical and mental tear is not worth it.

Now if I could just quit the forums! Big smile
Alain Kinsella
#3 - 2016-04-28 10:10:40 UTC
Pretty easy here. Subscription game does not combine well with a casual playstyle - even when its forced (due to work or personal reasons). Since the end of 2012 I've hung my hat over at Guild Wars 2 instead, which has impressively kept me interested at some level for almost four years now. For two of them I was involved in their WvW system, in Tier 1 rank. I think that's due to the groups I've been able to hang out with over there. And other than the RP contingent here, I've not had much luck finding something similar in Eve. Especially one that's 'non-Holder' Ammatar friendly. :)

The remaining time has (now and then) been spent exploring and helping update various Minecraft modpacks. Two are well-enough known - Regrowth and Ferret Business. And the latter has spawned some fanfic from me - a cross with Eve, of all things. Planning on trying that again soon actually; first attempt got deep-sixed with the latest update to FB (killing the world save).

As for why I'm here now, I like to poke my nose in from time to time (as the profile states), checking on things. Usually its for a month, then I move on to the above two games again.

"The Meta Game does not stop at the game. Ever."

Currently Retired / Semi-Casual (pending changes to RL concerns).

Ka Plaa
#4 - 2016-04-28 23:21:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Ka Plaa
TL;DR - just scale back your EvE play rather than quit.

I play EvE pretty much casually now, and I consider sub monies well spent compared to other entertainment I spend more money on for usually less time. Even if I played only a few hours per month an EvE sub costs me less by far than just one night out or one visit to the cinema.

Managing EvE burnout seems often to be a matter of just playing it to have a little fun rather than living it hardcore. My first 2.5 years in EvE I lived it every moment I could. I would do nothing but work and be at my computer in new eden. I slept only a few hours after downtime. I came to my senses about what I was doing a few years ago. Now EvE is a fun hobby for me rather than an was-becoming-unhealthy-obsession. Same Eve, same me. Just better management on my part.
#5 - 2016-05-08 02:55:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Ranzabar
As a 57-year old guy, I can tell you that my ability to sit down with EVE for hours on end is non-existent. The best I can muster is the casual player experience several times a week. I don't know if it is an age thing, but disappearing into a game isn't something I do.

I have my little corporation of just me. I don't belong to an alliance. I mine Marthia belts in hi-sec in my Retriever and rat NPC in 0.5 and 0.6 in my Catalyst. And I'm perfectly happy. It's just relaxing fun.

CCP says that the mechanics of the game are designed for player interaction. Common sentiment is you have to get into a corp as soon as possible. If you don't, you just won't have as much fun as those who do.

But I don't like groups. I can't devote the time. I don't have the motivation and, frankly, I spend every day at work, doing the corporate thing in a group. So for me, EvE is a solo sport. Slow and steady, peaceful and quiet. A nice respite from stress.

I accept that how I play is probably counter to the nature of the game. Yet at my leisure, without group pressure, it's easy to enjoy and to justify the monthly cost.

Now I did quit a month ago in a fit of frustration over getting ganked in hi-sec, but I calmed down and came back. And I got bored plenty of times and quit. But I missed it and came back simply because everything else I tried, WOW, GW, etc. was, well, not EVE.

EVE is far from perfect, but it is a game that surpasses everything in terms of developer commitment, quality, seriousness, and I've figured out how to play it just the way I want to.


The Golden Serpent
A Drunken Squirrels' Conspiracy for Revenge
#6 - 2016-05-08 14:21:08 UTC  |  Edited by: The Golden Serpent
Variously in all caps i have put in the unsub box

that they are all communists

that I cant get my help ticket answered and they ignore all of my complaints and concerns

that their ISD's are careless shitlords


they don't allow criticism of their company on their forums and Blizzard does

It all centers on CCP as a company that I don't trust not the game itself really which has great players and is pretty. I do not play to "be somebody" I play to hang out in fleets with other people and take orders which is more relaxing in Eve than in other games like WoW which is quite frenetic.

I come back because I don't believe the entire company is corrupt and I like the CEO. I think the entirety of middle management consists of Lumberghs and Doucchey Bro Guys which is a perception based on GM interaction and reading the gossip columns around.


Also, **** I have spent a lot of money on skins and i like looking at spaceships. Star Citizen has aliens which is super lame-o

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Kerensky Initiatives
#7 - 2016-05-08 16:05:33 UTC
careless shitlords

Excellent, bio material

OP: If you do decide to pull the plug, as it were, might I have your SP and stuffs (or at least a portion of them) please, as moustachio/spectacle care is not cheap these days.

TYIA, GL, GF and FS o7

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