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[Citadels] Supercarriers

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#121 - 2016-05-29 13:21:12 UTC
Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
ReK42 wrote:
Aeon Veritas wrote:
ReK42 wrote:
So to recap the changes from current to Citadel, using the Aeon:
  • ...
  • Can now be tackled by a single frigate worth 10m
  • Still can't insure the hull to offset a loss
  • ...


Not sure what frigate you are thinking of, none comes to my mind which can fit 26 points...
Please note the "+5 bonus to ship warp core strength" per skill level.
You could change your statement to a single interdictor worth ~60m, but thats nothing else as it is currently...

regarding the insurance: I'm not sure if you can insure ships docked at a citadel, if yes it should be possible to insure them.

Alexis Nightwish wrote:
The shield resistance profiles for each ship are the same. Why?

Same reason as for titans, the shield resist profile is the same as it is curently...

You're right, I missed that it was +5 per level. It still means you just need 5 frigates worth 10m each and you have no recourse against them.

lol trust me you have recourse against them

those little superiority fighters, they wreck frigates when used on carriers you will have no issue using them to clear off light tackle

as for the insuurance that is coming to citadels at a latter date but i would not be upset if you could not use ti on supers

Regular old fighters will work just as well in popping frigates.
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#122 - 2016-07-04 23:02:22 UTC
Milostiev wrote:

Regular old fighters will work just as well in popping frigates.

USED to work just as well***

now any competent (do not ignore that key word) frigate pilot will godmode again, which is apparantly the intent.

I did laugh at the people sattiring big ships claiming "big ships should ignore small ships".... but nobody cares to address how the opposite is true :P
Somnifacient Tonic
#123 - 2016-08-26 02:09:41 UTC
why's the nyx so unpopular now?
#124 - 2016-09-16 20:26:50 UTC
AwoxingBravespymaster McBlueshoter wrote:
Typical CCP, makes focus groups and promises to listen, giving players hope that they won't **** up this round of massive changes, then they ignore the focus groups and the play testing and make the bad changes anyways. Did Space Aids and Fozzie Sov teach you nothing?

Com'on, just sit back, relax and laugh