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✝✝✝ - Capsuleer Memorials - ✝✝✝

The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#1 - 2016-03-30 11:26:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Benzmann
Hey everybody.

We all know how it feels when a fellow comrade passes away and how it brings us all closer together as an Community.

Me and Maddi have been playing eve since it first came out, and we have seen many fellow capsuleers pass away and see the effect it has on our community. Our Characters are eternal, but we all know that we come with an expiry date at somepoint. So we would like to offer our assistance to you all if you ever loose a friend in eve.

we are not charging anything for this, but donations are welcome.

✝✝✝RIP 2016✝✝✝
✝Felonious Morgan✝
✝Canon Asus✝
✝Ian Morrolan✝
✝William TheBloody✝

✝✝✝RIP 2017✝✝✝
✝Egg Rollz✝

Contact us ingame:


Vicktor Hark
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2016-03-30 12:23:52 UTC
Great idea, people get involved o7
Dead Terrorists
#3 - 2016-03-30 15:32:41 UTC
Great idea.

GM Guard > I must ask you not to use the petition option like this again but i personally would finish the chicken sandwich first so it won´t go to waste. The spaghetti will keep and you can use it the next time you get hungry. Best regards.

Remus 71
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2016-03-30 17:03:04 UTC
Great Idea. Great community. o7
The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#5 - 2016-03-30 17:19:43 UTC
Great idea brosef
I'm Sorry Shoot What?
#6 - 2016-03-30 17:52:23 UTC
Great idea, thank you for your contribution to the community.
Comply Or Die
Pandemic Horde
#7 - 2016-03-30 18:15:38 UTC
brilliant idea. great way to give something back
Paddywhackers Corporation
#8 - 2016-03-30 18:42:12 UTC
Well done, great idea....
Iceman Beara
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#9 - 2016-03-30 18:43:25 UTC
Fantastic idea.. shame i am not closer to Iceland to join ye!
Northern Coalition.
#10 - 2016-03-30 20:10:38 UTC
Bump for my friend Benzmann.

Good initiative !
Nuclear Control
#11 - 2016-03-30 20:13:09 UTC
Bump for a good friend.. lets do something good guys.. :) much respect and much love..
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#12 - 2016-03-30 22:15:12 UTC  |  Edited by: NightmareX
This is absolutely a good idea. Benzmann is an cold corp mate, so he deserves this support Blink

Here is a list of my current EVE / PVP videos:

1: Asteroid Madness

2: Clash of the Empires

3: Suddenly Spaceships fighting in Tama

The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#13 - 2016-04-03 16:00:10 UTC
Another brother has passed away

R.I.P Felonious Morganus
The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#14 - 2016-04-08 09:45:44 UTC
A very thoughtful tribute
GoffyDude Davaham
Amarr Empire
#15 - 2016-04-08 12:12:05 UTC
Last October a good friend gave up on life. I'd met him at Eve Vegas 2014 and he seemed a happy fellow.

RIP Chris Daugherty Daugherty
The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#16 - 2016-04-12 21:19:00 UTC
more players contacted me and asked us to light a candle for their lost friends.

me and maddi went and lit a candle for them,

list updated
NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
#17 - 2016-04-16 05:13:27 UTC
The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#18 - 2016-05-21 00:30:22 UTC
this post needs a bump
The Congregation
No Handlebars.
#19 - 2016-08-15 15:49:08 UTC
Up we go
NullSechnaya Sholupen
#20 - 2016-08-15 16:47:52 UTC
I love it.

And, at the very least everyone should be able to say they would want this done for them.
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