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[Citadels Release] New Tactical Overlay on Singularity!

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Caldari 5
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. S.A.S
#81 - 2016-05-18 07:26:44 UTC
CCP Turtlepower wrote:
Cyno Range Spheres - Since this is by far the most requested feature, we will add this as soon as possible. Hopefully we can get it into the next release.

Just changing everything back to spheres instead of discs would be the better solution.

CCP Turtlepower wrote:
It's hard to see what is in and what is outside your range - There is actually a subtle transparency difference between items and lines outside your range and inside it, but this is probably a bit too subtle since many of you did not notice it (lines are more transparent outside your range). We are looking into possible solutions to make this more obvious.

I must admit even when looking for the difference I can barely make out the difference.

CCP Turtlepower wrote:
Vertical lines - we decided not to add this back to the overlay, at least not yet. Most of the feedback we have received is that the new curved lines are simply better, particularly in large scale fights. We will continue monitoring feedback of course and could very well revisit it later down the line.

I'm kinda curious as to who has said that Curved line are better, everyone I've spoken to preferred the old Spheres and straight lines.

CCP Turtlepower wrote:
BroodAlpha wrote:
It's just that the curved lines are all very close to each other when you have a group of ships, they don't stand out very well and they didn't give the instant visual representation that the spheres did. Having proxy lines that represent a ship is no substitute for actually having the ship itself inside or outside the targeting bubble.

When there are more than 5-10 ships on grid, distinguishing those curved lines for each ship then tracing it up to the horizontal plane is next to impossible as they all merge into each other. I liked having a 3D representation of my targeting, gun range, falloff and ranges for my other modules.

I used to move my camera around to the side of the ship, zoom out and kite watch the enemy ship drifting in and out of the bubble. I could easily see if the enemy ship was entering or exiting my range bubble, but now it's hard to tell.

If other ships joined the fray I could see where they were instantly with relation to my guns. With this new system I have to take my eyes off the other ship, trace the new enemy's line and then go back to the other ship by which time the other ship could have overheated MWD and come into scram range.
Your case is a bit of an unfortunate one, as you've obviously mastered using the old tactical overlay. We are certainly considering this feedback, but for now please try using the new overlay in PVP. Perhaps you will appreciate it more once you have mastered its usage to a similar level.

Fly safe
CCP Turtlepower // Team Psycho Sisters

Even without anything moving in a static Environment like an Asteroid belt, it is hard to tell which Asteroid is which Curved line.
Caldari State
#82 - 2016-05-30 15:43:49 UTC
I have given CCP adequate time to fix this problem, while I've had one reply it has basically been a fob-off.

Due to the incompleteness of the new tactical overlay and the importance of the old one to my style of play, I have cancelled both of my subscriptions.

I spent a year or more playing this game for PvP. Just as I feel I'm starting to get the hang of it, this new tactical overlay comes in without my consent and the old one is removed with no possibility of even an option to turn it back on (WHY?!?!?).

Due to the lack of customer care and due dilligence of the CCP employee that decided to completely remove the old option without offering a complete and workable alternative, you have lost a player and 2 subscriptions.

There are a million ways you can make the game prettier and you already have with the shield and armor effects, new textures, new ships and effects. You NEVER NEEDED TO CHANGE CORE FUNCTIONALITY.

The old tactical overlay was there for INFORMATION purposes. It was not there to make the game look nice, it was there to give us tactical information about the battlefield. If I wanted to see EVE in a pretty way, I could just switch it off.

No, none of you can have my stuff, I already plan on giving it to a few of the people in-game that took the time out to help me out when I was learning.

Thanks CCP for everything, it's been cool but it's clearly time for me to invest my time elsewhere.