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Planets and income in EVE

Tian Toralen
State War Academy
Caldari State
#1 - 2016-03-21 12:29:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Tian Toralen
Make planets important and interactive. Planets should be more valuable than moons.

How do players make ISK in null? Anomalies are boring. Did anyone at CCP try to rat in null-sec, doing Sanctums or Havens or something like that? Try it. It's death by boredom. Yes - watch local, watch intel, but besides that I am almost falling asleep. I am 35 years old, and it's boring. I cannot imagine any kid that just tries EVE - that would enjoy doing anomalies. Show him the game, and the first thing you make him do - give him a ratting ship. I don't think he would last 5 minutes.

How can you expect to attract new players with such boring gameplay? The trailers look great - the reality in game is less great. Or maybe it's your intention that all isk making activities should be boring, so people buy PLEX? I don' think that will do anything good for the game in the long run.

I am not eveen talking about PI or market trading. I tried those, it's even more boring. Something a little more fun is exploration and DED sites - but because I don't use any alts - it's somehow not very convenient. Most players have an Ishtar pilot alt for making ISK, or an explorer alt. This is another problem - the clone jump timer, skills should lower it to at least 8 hours. So I can jump more easily betwen the PVP clone and the isk making clone... Or do you keep it this way so people use alts? Again, not good in the long run.

Let's see: player alliance X own sov. What does that even mean? Ratting? Moons? I can do DED sites anywhere, I don't care who's flag is planted there. It means almost nothing. Players living in null sec make the space their own by being there and killing hostiles. But that is also true in low sec...To make ratting safer as a final goal, but ratting is boring. Yes - this looks like the ultimate goal of sov - to have some stations where only you can dock, and have a portion of relative safe space to get bored making isk. Moons don't even depend on who owns the sov.

Planets should be considered. Ownership of a system should mean that alliance owns the planets. The planets have a population (non- capsuleers). I am talking about PI, but with less boredom. Alliances owning space would get most of their ISK by making the local population (on the planets) work for them. CONCORD cannot help them, they are now slaves to whatever warlord owns the system and has the power to bombard them from space. Of course - too much work or taxes would diminush that population, so a balance would be reached.

In this way, owning sov in a system would have a meaning - and all systems would be worth fighting for. Players could install factories on planets, and tell the local population to build - Guardians. This would be ideal - and only for the best planets, that have a trained population, and resources. And in a few days you get a few Guardians docked on that planet. Planets near Amarr space would be skilled at producing Amarr ships, planets in Guristas space would be more skilled at producing Guristas ship. Or - technicians could be flown from somewhere else. A new way to do ship production, it would require less resources than the traditional way of building ships in stations. This would be another reason for players to live in null and own sov. The fact that you own and defend sov - gives you the means (ships) to own and defend it, with no boredom involved. PVP so you can PVP.

There would be different kinds of planets, more or less valuable - because of the resources found, the population found there. Some planets would be rich in mineral resources, with a highly skilled population, some would have no population and require transports of people to be brought there. I am talking about a more meaningful or fun PI. And it should be like PI, somehow open to individual players, not like moons that are accesed at the alliance level.

And a cosmetic change: add the possibility of landing on a planet. I heard something about "tritanium explodes in a planet's atmosphere". Nevermind that, just say "a new type of shield was invented", now ships can land. How many types of planets are there? Add like 10 different starports, add a "Land" option when selecting a planet. You get something like a gate animation, then the ship is shown in the starport, and in the distance you see some background. Nothing major. And - how hard is to program a 3D space where pilots meet? On a planet, on a moon, on a space station/citadel? Just for immersion.