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Returning vet needs EU Faction War PVP (70mil SP)

BattleStar Crusader
Out of Focus
Odin's Call
#1 - 2016-02-09 13:06:03 UTC
Returning to the game after a long period out. Former CEO of Absinthe Brothers and accomplished FC. Been out for a long time and need to get hooked again.

I have a few requirements for any potential corp.

-Looking for Factionwar PVP
-Corp must be active (10+ members online most nights)
-Regular corp and militia ops
-EU tz
-Must have banter with the ability to be serious
-Must have balls out approach to fighting (I hate running from fights becuase the other fleet is bigger)

What I can offer

-Maxed pvp skills up to BS
-Experience of the "Old Guard"
-Carrier (that I'm willing yo use and lose)
-Close to flying dreads
-Corp operations experience
-Diplomatic relations
-Good banter and fun times

If you feel you can offer me the above and feel I'd be a good fit then let me know.

I habe anoreference to Amarr FW but I am willing to consider all options.