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Latest SiSi build broken

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Ima Wreckyou
The Conference Elite
#81 - 2016-03-08 07:23:15 UTC
Ima Wreckyou wrote:
CCP Snorlax wrote:
Please remember to disable this again after tomorrow's update - I've added in code to track Wine usage. Ironically a last minute change in that code was what broke it. If I get proper statistics on Wine usage, it helps me build a case for ensuring Wine stays working.

What I actually wonder is why you ship two different clients, Win + Mac to support two operating systems when you could just ship one client which supports win32 and wine which runs on a wide range of operating systems? I mean there is even a reference platform for Linux gaming everyone can agree up on, which is Steam OS, so you don't have to support multiple distros, they will make sure they stay compatible to Steam OS anyway.

It seams to me that would be even less effort than supporting two clients. But not sure, maybe my expectations are way off here.

Holy cow, looks like that is exactly what they do now: