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The 473,344,000 SP club.

Buzz Orti
State War Academy
Caldari State
#41 - 2016-03-01 00:29:04 UTC
Agondray wrote:
Amateratsu wrote:
Tyberius Franklin wrote:
Amateratsu wrote:
If the base price for the Extractor is = to 1 plex.
Source for this expectation?

It was suggested in the previous Dev Blog that the extractor would be analogous to the plex service fee in the character bazarr.
And in a lot of the feedback to that Dev Blog.

Regardless, for someone >80 mil SP it will require 7 extractors / injectors per 1m SP, so taking myself as an example. I would need a further 250 million Sp = 1,750 extractors / injectors which will likely not be cheaper than 1 bil isk each.

Thinking about it, there are probably 100's of players with more money than sense who will gladly max out their characters, be it Aurum, Plex, ISK or real life money.

As soon as that happens, sites like Eve Board will be meaningless.

Either way, I'm done.

yes there are several players I have heard of, 1 being dropped 22k in credit cards to max out, others had so much isk from numerous venues of market manipulation/scamming/isboxing/running empire have also maxed.

while people make the comparison of skills don't mean anything also don't see if you have been training those skills and know nothing has only gotten worse in having skills and still knowing nothing.

then you have the people that's been playing and building the isk and spent it that know how to play now have an advantage.

but yes the number of people being MAX trained is increasing if not them just maxing the combat skills they want to go out and pvp with

So that is what all the non-sense reference is about.
It's intended to make them pay more while it lasts.
The worst thing that can happen is refund all injectors except for invested times.

Builds ship in empty Quafe bottle.

Kerensky Initiatives
#42 - 2016-03-06 15:22:29 UTC
Tau Cabalander wrote:
Thus ended the reign of Dr Caymus.

Thank Christ, he's insufferable now that he's been upstaged,

Perfection is a dish best served like wasabi .

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