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Viceran Phaedra for CSM XI - Collaboration, Perspective, Realism

Viceran Phaedra
Instar Heavy Industries
#1 - 2016-01-15 16:40:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Viceran Phaedra
Fellow Capsuleers o/

My name is Vic, and I need your help to fix the CSM before we lose our voice forever.

About Me

I've been playing EVE since 2009, and have done so solo, in a small group, and as part of a large alliance. I have learned how to lead and how to follow. My adventures have taken me from humble hisec beginnings through to null, WH space and back again multiple times. I have PvE'd, PvP'd, mined, researched, hauled, manufactured and traded. I believe I have a pretty good grasp of the concept of EVE as a whole, and I am passionate about every aspect of gameplay and lore. I love the entire EVE package; there is simply nothing else like it.

IRL I am ex-military, and currently a business owner, so I've done grunt work, and also steered the ship. I am a pragmatist at heart, with a low tolerance for ego and celebrity, but balance it out with a personable attitude and laid-back nature. Dedicated AUTZ player, Fanfest pilgrim, EDU attendee (you're next, EVE Vegas), bourbon enthusiast, sci-fi fan, metal/ambient/EDM listener and student of history.

My CSM Role

  • Collaboration - The CSM can not afford another bad term if it doesn't want to be seen as a complete joke. We need to stick to the very serious task of being a voice for the community and sounding board for the Devs, but at the same time realise that we must work with CCP to improve the EVE experience. Our overarching goal should always be the continuation and growth of EVE, not competing against each other to try and steer it. I aim to use my position to reinforce this view and create a more positive, collaborative culture. It's concerning that this point is mostly mentioned last in other platforms, when it is, at the moment, the most critical.

  • Perspective - Many potential CSM members are representing certain parts of New Eden (null, hisec etc) or are building their platforms around certain balance changes or upcoming content. Instead of the 'production line' view of players moving from hisec -> losec/FW -> null/WHs etc, or the view that 'everything should be done towards the end goal of PvP', I personally view all of EVE as an organism made of symbiotic parts; each has their intrinsic value and place, none is above or 'better' than the other, and each is attractive to a certain type of player and style of play, from the basement-dwelling nullsec overlord to the married-with-kids hisec industrialist. We need to take into account the factors affecting the enjoyment of all these different people to keep EVE balanced and healthy. As a CSM member, I will do my best to collate and find balance in the multitude of specialist views so the maximum number of people can find enjoyment, and new subscriptions are constant, because EVE will appeal to more people instead of catering for the interests of a particularly vocal portion.

  • Realism - CCP is a business at the end of the day, which will affect their decisions. Some things take time to change and implement in a game with over a decade of history and complexity. The maxim of it being infinitely better to take small steps, and fix the foundations before you build another storey is as true for EVE as for anything in the real world. New Eden is a 'dark science fiction' universe; the lore and feel of the game should reflect this. The game is about fun/hr, not ISK/hr. It is a social game. My aim as part of the CSM is to check each concept and implementation against these ideas and more, as they come to light, to ensure a grounded and consistent approach to the EVE development cycle.

In Conclusion

I don't care about being an internet celebrity. I don't care about agendas and I am not 'the delegate for XYZ...'. I am in this for the bigger picture. I am in this for the survival of EVE. This year, I have sufficient time and effort available to truly dedicate myself to a term on the CSM. If you want a member who has gone from years of quiet observation and experience, to deciding to make a difference to a critical part of the CCP-playerbase relationship, then help me make that difference by talking with your vote during the YC118 CSM XI elections.

A vote for Vic is a vote for EVE, and if you don't vote for EVE...

...can I have your stuff?


Feel free to post questions in this thread, if you have any.

Chief Executive Officer

Instar Heavy Industries

Viceran Phaedra
Instar Heavy Industries
#2 - 2016-01-15 16:41:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Viceran Phaedra
This post is reserved, for items from myself, and others, to take with me to the CSM on behalf of the playerbase. Suggestions so far:

  • Import/Export contacts
  • Import/Export User Interface preferences
  • EVE optional HD graphics package
  • EVE Store
  • Corporation management improvements/updates
  • Medal system
  • SKIN release consistency
  • PvE in EVE (the procedurally-generated renaissance)

  • More to come...

    Chief Executive Officer

    Instar Heavy Industries

    Tupac ice
    Unchained Alliance
    #3 - 2016-01-18 08:24:45 UTC
    I support Vic's CSM campaign.

    He is pragmatic, mature and capable of viewing the larger picture.

    I strongly support HS, WH and AUSTZ players to get behind his CSM campaign. We will see a long term, dedicated player elected with the ability to listen, understand and influence a large body of the Eve-Verse.

    I understand I am part of the same Corp and easily seen as biase, but would give him my full backing regardless of this.


    Who the hell is this Tupac guy.... And what would he know?

    • Anonymous.
    StupidGenius Charante
    Alea Iacta Est Universal
    Blades of Grass
    #4 - 2016-02-12 19:00:32 UTC
    Here is the CSM Watch interview with Viceran Phaedra for the CSM 11 election.