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#41 - 2016-02-05 04:59:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Phoeniix
Jenny Starwolf wrote:
In the CQ there seems to be a bug on the character textures where they almost appear to have an oily black surface.

I assume this is nvidia-related as no one I know with an AMD gpu has this problem, and everyone I know with an Nvidia gpu does.
Not sure if it's client or wine related, though.
It also appears to be a shader-related issue, as turning shaders down fixes the issue.

On a side, someone unrealated note - In the game's display & graphics settings, under Display Adapter, it says "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 for all Nvidia users, regardless of what GPU they actually have - this is true for everyone i've tested on the list below:
GTX 400
GTX 450
GTX 650
GTX 690
GTX 740
GTX 750
GTX 750-Ti
GTX 790
GTX 960
GTX 980
GTX Titan
GTX Titan-X

Confirmed the oily surface, but they show with correct color, just oily/wetty looking. With a Radeon 7970HD /w Mesa & Native D3D9.

FPS between 25 and 60 (interval immediate), everything to max.

As for the Video card name, wine tell the game about a minimum video card, Even my Radeon was a "Nvidia", it's not a problem, it's mostly so the game don't say that you need a better video card based of that string. You can override the vendorid/deviceid to get a different name. The videocard now show the proper one since I have switched to native D3D9.

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