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EVE Online: Crucible 1.0.2 Feedback

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Deriah Book
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#81 - 2011-12-17 19:34:30 UTC
Here is my feedback:

After Crucible I visited Eve Forums for the first time. I realized I was paying to play with a piece of software that I genuinely loved before the patch, and genuinely hated after the patch. I wanted to find out if the elements I hated within the patch were purposefully installed by CCP.

The animosity I felt came from the fact that my goal when logging on to Eve was to fly a spaceship around and shoot things. Instead, I would fly my spaceship a couple of jumps and then realize that what I wanted to know about my spaceship and other spaceships was not accessible for several reasons. I would then spend time rearranging my information sources to properly reflect my situation in space then set out on my journey again. A couple of jumps later I would have to repeat the whole process. Infinitely.

That "game" is not the game I would choose to pay for. I chose to pay for the spaceship game but it morphed into a surreal practical experiment combining the worst operating system blunders in the history of personal computing with an evolution towards the far side of ergonomics in gaming controller design.

My three main gripes were; windows moving of their own accord, windows sizing of their own accord, and important game commands being buried deeper and deeper within the control layer. It was so bad, in my mind, that if these changes were by design, I was going to quit playing Eve altogether.

I came to the forums to find out. I found out nothing. Many others were complaining in the Crucible threads of exactly the same dislikes and CCP said ABSOLUTLY NOTHING about these “features”. After several patches I was convinced that CCP, a gaming company, had completely lost the plot and preferred the Eve UI post crucible.

I was this * close to canceling my sub when A USER posted that he heard CCP was working on changing these features. I decided to wait on one more patch.

Well, these problems have been escalated in this patch. IT IS ACTUALLY MUCH WORSE than it was before. (Except for the “personal locations” right click menu.) The only thing that is keeping me here is that at least now I know CCP intends to repair the bits they got wrong.

I do, however, think it's a bit odd that I had to wait to see evidence of their intent in a patch rather that read it on a forum so populated with devs and GMs.
Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#82 - 2011-12-18 14:02:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Hakaru Ishiwara
Feedback: The new transitional effect when jumping through a gate and waiting a moment or two for the new system's elements to load / render in the local client is unexpected.


1) If there is a delay in the new system loading, both local chat and the overview windows go blank. In the past, this would mean something terribly wrong has occurred between client and server (it might still have the same connotation) and prepare for a disconnect.

2) The abrupt disappearance of the travel origin system's graphical assets, overview contents, etc. coupled with the fade-in of the destination system's graphical assets seems seems off. I feel like something has broken or perhaps isn't working as expected.

I have historically had a low ping to the UK-based server cluster and my local workstation is well above minimum spec for the EVE client. Running Win7 64-bit with all drivers up-to-date. Etc.

EDIT: Hmmm. Thinking about this, I wonder if the delay in loading system assets is related to the new space-art bling AND customs office overview data getting queued up and loading.

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