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Noobman for CSM XI. W-space Candidate

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Pompous Baboon
#81 - 2016-01-12 14:15:31 UTC
Silvia Williams Enaka wrote:
Don't know him personally but I've only heard bad things about the group of pompous baboons that he is leading. They worship him like a god and rightfully so as they wouldn't be anywhere without him.

How could you ever expect someone like that to try to achieve anything that is not beneficial to his corp? Plus he plays way too much Eve to be a balanced person.


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The Collective
Brothers of Tangra
#82 - 2016-01-12 14:19:50 UTC
Noobman is probably my favorite WH candidate that has ever run for CSM! Also I think that he has a lot of potential to be the best WH candidate that the WH community has had in a long time.


Proclus Diadochu
Mar Sarrim
Red Coat Conspiracy
#83 - 2016-01-16 07:23:59 UTC

Glad to see you running, Noobman.

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Elise Randolph
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
#84 - 2016-01-18 20:51:35 UTC
Wormhole delegates play a very important role on the CSM. One of the most useful members the CSM has ever seen was Two Step - a wormhole player. But having a wormhole player who also understands the growing interaction between k-space dwellers and w-space dwellers?! That's a double whammy super awesome combo.


StupidGenius Charante
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#85 - 2016-01-31 07:06:30 UTC
Here is the CSM Watch interview with Noobman for the CSM 11 election.
EVE University
Ivy League
#86 - 2016-01-31 13:29:22 UTC
+1 for Noobman
helana Tsero
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#87 - 2016-02-05 02:04:40 UTC  |  Edited by: helana Tsero
Noobman. Some questions.

Q1. What will you be doing to encourage more PvP corporations in wormspace ? especially in higher class wormholes.

Q2. Do you see any mechanic changes that could encourage more frequent and sustainable pvp in Wspace ? If so would you promote them as CSM ?

(when i say sustainable I mean more fights but less evictions so the opposition gets to recover and come back to fight another day instead of a large percentage quitting eve, which often happens after a eviction)

Q3. Do you think the increase in farmholes is a healthy thing for wspace ? (edit.. liked your responce here to this issue. )

Currently a couple of alts only need to log in once every week/ fortnight, roll their holes and do escalated sites for a few hours and then log off) and because they are only online for a few hours it deprives others the chance to interact with them (pvp) during the rest of the week/fortnight. Might not seem a big deal but when this is multiplied by all the farmholes in wspace then pvpers need to scan massive chains to find people online and doing thingsm, which increases burnout for scanners. (this is mainly in non EU tzs)

Q4. Would you support the elimination of Data and Relic (and possibly lower class gas) sites in higher class wormholes ?. They are rarely run and clutter up holes with more signatures leading to scanner burnout. (edit. added a question)

thanks for your time.

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Bradford Clear
Anomalous Existence
The Initiative.
#88 - 2016-02-05 21:37:27 UTC
Had a nice conversation on comms with him today about everything. Fully competant leader, and I fully endorse him for WH candidacy. Wish you much luck o7

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3 Rose
Hard Knocks Citizens
#89 - 2016-02-12 02:26:50 UTC

Brothers and Sisters of Anoikis, For a voice of wisdom unto our way of life.

Bring back C5-Null & give us more dual static wormhole classes!


Caldari State
#90 - 2016-03-01 03:59:46 UTC


Operations Director of Hard K(n)ocks Inc.

#91 - 2016-03-01 08:00:05 UTC


Vertueux Arkaral
Amarr Empire
#92 - 2016-03-01 22:41:28 UTC
I don't know Noobmsn personally but HK is the bane of Wh life.
matt jaker
The Red Island Foundation
#93 - 2016-03-03 02:36:14 UTC
you got my votes.
helana Tsero
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#94 - 2016-03-03 10:13:14 UTC  |  Edited by: helana Tsero
Noobman do u have a comment on the nerf to wspace scouting coming in citadels ?

EG - Ships are now hidden(docked) in citadels so scouts dont see them when dscaning system (where as before you could check for active pilots by dscaning a forcefield (followed by warping to the POS). This combined with watchlists removal means a signicant nerf to scouting and hence content creation in W space.

Please represent those of us that who dont just go to null for kills !

"...ppl need to get out of caves and they will see something new.... thats where eve is placed... not in cave."  | zoonr-Korsairs |

Meanwhile Citadel release issues: "tried to bug report this and the bug report is bugged as well" | Rafeau |

Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#95 - 2016-03-20 03:59:56 UTC
+1 Bear
Fallen Nyx
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#96 - 2016-03-22 04:57:22 UTC
Noobman is a god