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Highsec, Wardecks, Farms, and Fields

Breaking Ambitions
#1 - 2011-12-13 22:42:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Wolodymyr
This idea first came up when talking about the problem of people dropping corp to avoid a wardeck.

Ask yourself this. Why are there no wars in highsec? Why don't giant empires clash against each other in empire space? Why don't you see 1000 man fleet fights in Dodixie?

Now lets ask a completely different but also related question. Why don't large nullsec empires drop corp and flee when they get a Wardeck? Why doesn't your CEO send out a mail saying something like "Oh crap guys we just got wardecked by The Orphanage, everybody drop corp and run level 4 missions until they get bored and leave us alone."

I'd guess it's because large alliances in highsec don't have alliance only resources worth fighting over. When someone in highsec gets hit with a wardeck they are presented with the choice of of staying in corp and riding it out, or dropping corp for a while. And they make this choice based on which option makes them lose the least.

Out in nullsec if you drop from your corp, or your corp drops from it's alliance, then you lose space and can't even dock up again, and everyone in the area who used to be blue tries to shoot you. Everything that you have relied on to be successful in the game goes away. That's why they choose to stay and fight, they are defending something they care about. That's what motivates people in nullsec to throw supers at each other, to go on long CTAs, to light up space and burn billions of isk to the ground.

Now what to people lose when they drop corp in highsec? You lose the corp chat and corp mailing list. These can be made up for by just making a new chat channel and mailing list. You lose your corp tax, but you could always put yourself in a 1 man corp you made yourself. And you lose the corporate hangar. But you can always use the contract system to get stuff to and from your buddies.

I think highsec corporations and alliances need some sort of alliance asset that benefits each individual member and is tied to the alliance or corporation who owns it. It would also help if these assets could be taken over by other people.

This would change a few things about highsec that I think would be for the better.

1. It would help fix the practice people dropping corp to avoid a wardeck.

2. It would introduce risk vs reward to highsec. You could be a solo player on easy mode where nobody would notice or bother you. Or you could be part of a wealthy alliance with lots of resources but near constant warfare.

3. There would actually be things to fight over rather than just people griefing one another. You'd still be able to grief people but there would be the added option of having a full on shooting war over some resource.

And who would this hurt? Well it would hurt solo mission runners in the sense that they would not make as much isk per hour as someone in a corp. But that's eve, every change to the game is going to benefit some people and hurt others. And given the choice I'd say this is an MMO, and every MMO at it's core was meant to be played with multiple people. So if I have to throw someone under the bus it's going to be the solo player.

I honestly think PoCo based sov is a good idea

Breaking Ambitions
#2 - 2011-12-13 23:29:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Wolodymyr
I have been pretty vague on exactly what kinds of corp or alliance benefits could be used. That's because I wanted to separate the concept from the implementation. Basically if any of the suggestions I make below are idiotic I think the original idea is more or less valid.

OK so to get started I would divide corp / alliance resources into different sections based on how likely they are to get shot at.

First you have intrinsic properties of the corp or alliance that don't exist in space. These are things that people would lose if they dropped from the corporation but not something that could be shot at out in space while they are docked up.

For example a while ago CCP removed agent quality from the game and just made all agents quality 20. Imagine if agent quality was based on corporation standings. An individual would grind up their own standings as usual to get up to the coveted level 4 agents. But their corporation would have it's own agent standing that would slowly go up as it's members ran missions for that agent. This corp standing would determine the mission quality given out by that agent from the old -20 to +20 quality scale.

Also corp standing could determine things like factory and lab access or refinery efficiency in a station. A corp with good fed navy standings could get better refinery efficiency when they bring their minerals to a fed navy station.

Next you would have non exclusive corp or alliance assets that exist in space and aren't safe when everyone docks up.

Think of a corporation POS, there are enough moons out there that you are never really at a loss for POS real estate, but it can still get shot at in a wardeck. The problem with an alliance POS is that it doesn't really benefit the individual player that much. You could have some sort of POS module that had the same effect as an off grid gang link module. If a POS had the shield warfare link modules around it then individual members flying around in that system could benefit from it. I don't know how unbalancing this is, but it's no different than having a standing fleet with a command ship alt floating around off grid somewhere. This might be a better option because the POS modules have to stay put and get shot up where the command ship alt could dock up or cloak if things get hot.

And finally you would have exclusive corp or alliance assets that exist in space and can get shot at.

OK so I really hate the idea of Tech moons in highsec (they are a little too exclusive), but yeah basically it's a resource that is limited and can be taken over by one group.

Look at the new Player Owned Customs Offices. There are only a few hundred plasma planets in highsec and a big (or determined) enough alliance could try to take over a region's worth of plasma planets. These things would probably see constant fire and would spend most of their time in reinforcement timers. you'd lose a lot of ships defending them, but if you can hold them they'd be a gold mine.

I honestly think PoCo based sov is a good idea

Goonswarm Federation
#3 - 2011-12-13 23:43:57 UTC
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Nullbeard Rager
#4 - 2011-12-13 23:48:18 UTC
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Gallente Federation
#5 - 2011-12-17 23:42:22 UTC
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Tore Vest
#6 - 2011-12-18 13:29:33 UTC
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Gallente Federation
#7 - 2011-12-20 04:58:57 UTC
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