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Adding time as factor for immersion to a reader's experience.

Solecist Project
#1 - 2015-12-18 19:02:31 UTC
I can not post this anywhere else, because ISDs would cut through it's layout ...
... yet it is a necessity to post it this way, because there's no other way to give an example.

I post here, because it's the spot called "forum experiments" and the least disruptive spot to post it.
The additional space between lines equals time spent between messages.
However, a real-time chat is where it's actually best used.

I will supplement this with a gif ... maybe.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Okay so, to enhance the experience of the client ...
... making you a more valueable choice over others in the field of textual communication ...
... I make use of the fact that live chats allow us to give the reader's brain time to process the message.


I will now raise my fingers, one by one.

First my pinky ...
*raises pinky finger*

... my ringy ...
*raises ring-finger*

... my stinky ...
*flips a bird*

... my pointy ...
*points at your nose*

... and my thumb.
*thumbs up, grinning ;D*

The alternative is describing the whole thing in a block of text. I'll lower my fingers again. The thumb first this time and afterwards the index finger. I lower my stinky finger, my ring finger and at last follows my pinky finger. I admit I'm not much of an english writer and this wasn't exactly poetic, but I don't write erotic novels anyway ... It's interactive fiction. So much more immersive... ;)

To give a bit of an explanation:

First: Always remember that a screen isn't a book.
The reading experience is different!

The block-variant with long chains of sentences on screen givenaway far more information for the brain to process, even before you have started reading it, just by having the words in your field of view. It's a feature that makes reading a more fluid experience.

I take this away and only give shorter, easily digestable pieces of information ... but to the point! The benefit is that the reader's brain is stuck with the last piece of text, allowing a deeper level of processing aka more immersion when it comes to actions like raising a finger or touching someone's collarbone (you have no idea have you? ;).

The above example illustrates what I do perfectly ...
... and can be recreated in realtime chats for verification quite easily.


*walks off*

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