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EVE Probe

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What happened to eve probe? And general stuff

Idame Isqua
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-12-13 08:30:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Idame Isqua
All the topics are locked otherwise I would have posted in the most recent version.

Just wondering what happened to eve probe

Or is it no longer needed as you have ironed out and/or released and/or planning to release all the graphical upgrades.

Was wondering if CCP could release a steam hardware survey like review.

Though theirs a massive difference between eve probe and actual eve results.

As eve probe dosn't take into account multiple clients

and all the supporting software the average player has running

TS3 Mumble Slack Hipchat dozen webpages video recording software

What interests me is CPU utilization as graphic cards are pretty much a mute point.
Because you can't really do anything about your graphics card apart from drives or a new card
I can have eve looking pretty on multiple clients solid 60fps with the interval set to one.
But one thing I have noticed is randomly eve decides it needs to use a lot more CPU
I had thought it was tied into being in a fleet
and it is
but more recently I've noticed CPU usage inline with being undocked in a fleet
while being docked minimised and not in a fleet

specifically fleet watch lists seem to cause slow down and higher cpu usage
its not just higher cpu usage causing the slow down

also I have eve on SSD awhile ago I didnt
and eve dosn't seem to benefit at all from having a SSD running as fast as possible
it seems to smash bash its way through loading
so instead of being a slow cruise its like being dragged behind a jetski going up river through rapids

So I guess all the is neither here no there

But one thing I do ask
If having windows open
specifically NPC corp channels and jita local causes significant drag
which is does
would it be possible to implement either a hard close or hard minimization?
this has been talked about a few times
and any concerns I think could be removed by having them always open on login
but not having an option to close windows is a bit rough

While I'm at it
CCP has made some significant improvements in eves looks
though their are some significant issues arising when looks displace function

but why dosn't even upgrade eves chat rooms
ie separate local completely from local chat
try explaining to a new player that in this game you have to have a local chat channel taking up one side of your screen stretching from top to bottom

so how about separating the actual chat box from local
I can imagine three modes
minimal = small rectangle with things to click on (and settings for auto-pop ups and lists growing) maybe only counters
local without chat = a slightly bigger possibly auto sizing box that shows everyone in local, with settings for a fixed size and automatic growing
maximum = well this would involve having the chat interface open, and with this being detached, people could simply have the chat box and counters, or have the whole shebang on show
critically by separating the (who is in local) from the chat bit
it will save a ton of screen space and look modern

basically I'm asking for part 2 of the notifications upgrade

but seriously 1990s chat rooms and spreadsheets in space needs to go

having pretty graphics is lovely and all but its still all hidden behind windows

also what about adding/making use of 3d menus
like take the radial for example
it works like a 1950s telephone
what about making it tilt

and what about making the right click menu user configurable?
it would nice to be able to configure like a browser tool bar can be
removing unused dangerous options
creating spaces
creating sub groupings

since I'm on fire
what about updating windows 95 in space
and getting rid of windows all together
and replacing them with overlays

I remember when a dev was talking about ditching the ingame browser
they were very confident that it can easily be replaced with a overlay system
but I have never seen an example of this
or if it is even possible currently