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Player Features and Ideas Discussion

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The Great Split of Our Time: Features and Ideas Discussion Changes

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Lexx Devi
Freeport . 7
#21 - 2016-08-02 15:38:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Lexx Devi
Spitballing free ideas here. Because a now name might get seen haveing some ideas while Abusing sticky^^

*Jump Bridge "service module" for Large & XL citadels.
*New Mobile Depo Corp & Alliance size access. (Super expensive vs. Personal)
*Coalition, add Coalition just as we have Alliances & Corps.
*SOE Enemy faction, covert, scanning speed bonus to ships. Battleship gets shield repair bonus. "Black Hunter Faction"
*Increase all ships Warp speed by 100%, Travel is eve biggest grind. (The rush of speed is more valuable then falling asleep)
*Blueprints Portfolio, collective container for sorting huge collections in a fresh science fiction (Shareable from personal hangar)
*New Gecko variation, SOE & Hunter Faction farm-able, less dps, Small, Medium & Large drones.
*EWar Drone rework, Changing some like: Target painting, Dampening, Neut, in to EWar Sentry Drones.
*Citadel "service module" Cyno beacon.
*Citadel Skins.
*Coalition Ship Skins.
*Pink ish GOOD looking ship skins, to finally get my girlfriend to play. (She promised me to start at that point)

*A wish that Citadels excluding M, L & XL can only dock Industry & transport ships.
-wish industrial Citadel can be anchored 200km of belts & citadels
-wish industrial Citadel don't have any high slots.

-"Auto mode", Lock asteroid, press F1 wait.
-"Manual mode" (find the ore) precision mini-game to get +yield.

Imagine seeing the ore up close, all the cracks, break off parts, ore color lines. Where to engage the laser for optimal effect.
Underemployed INC
#22 - 2016-08-30 02:00:41 UTC
I'm an industrialist. Mainly because 'pvp' in eve consists of needing to equip less than a handful of modules out of the 1000's that exist. If you have these handful of modules equipped, and use them, you win. If the enemy has the handful of defensive modules that are useful in pvp equipped... they survive. If you mix the handful of useful attacking modules with the handful of defensive modules... in short... Equip THIS specific set of modules for pvp... That and the fact that I can fly around in a combat ship for a week straight... go afk at portals with 500 million worth of stuff in my cargo hold... and never be attacked. Hop into a non-combat ship though and the 'baddass pvprs' show up in swarms within minutes "because they're just looking for PVP and routinely slaughter anyone in the area"...UHHU....

Anyway... I have all the boost skills. I only have them for the extra MINING AMOUNT boost while I'm in my Exhumer (Who designs a vessel that is destined to go into vulnerable areas to perform a vulnerable task, knowing that it will be a priority target for ganks... AND DOESN'T spend the extra tiny bit to innately REINFORCE THE WARP CORE? Ventures are cheap, but are almost never ganked simply because of the innately reinforced warp core.)... The extra shield/armor/agiligy... are just "might as well train these too while I'm at it" type skills. By wasting one of my low slots that should be for a mining upgrade, I get away almost every time... otherwise it's a game of sitting there defenseless while a frigate picks off my little drones and then pops my 250,000,000 isk ship that took me a week to build...

If you're taking away my MINING AMOUNT boost and making it so that they are only useful when I'm in a specific ship with a specific module equipped, then I no longer want/need any of them. Will they be refunded?

If you've ever built an exhumer from scratch, then you know exactly what I mean... those things take littterally billions in blueprints, hundreds of millions in starbase fuel-moon modules, and a solid week of work to build... and 30 seconds to be popped by a single frigate, or cheap destroyer...
You don't expect gankers to equip mining modules to their gank ships... Why do you expect me to fill my valuable slots with combat modules on my industrial ship? Venture class vessels are almost never ganked (mostly due to their innately reinforced warp core design)...i.e. it's too hard for those 'leet pvprs' to bother with. Hint... Hint... Reinforce Exhumer Warp Cores... or make them require much less work to build!

You mention bringing the bonuses for using leadership skills in line with the risk of using them. How about bringing the risk of flying around in high sec with -10 sec status in line a bit? Perhaps DENYING DOCKING RIGHTS AT HIGH-SEC NPC STATIONS TO REDS and those who are known criminals? This would make the CODE gankers have to work a little bit for their 'rewards', missioning/ratting to keep their status up; or Forcing them to rely on expensive player owned structures to hide in that we can smash when we get tired of losing our exhumers and barges to suicide ganks in high sec...

Will the bonuses from my own skillset be added to this new 'show active bonuses' thing? As those make one hell of a difference when gauging the strength of your opponent as well?

Some of us don't gank / pvp... There is much more to this game than ganking/pvp. Stop catering exclusively to the gank/pvp crowd, please.
Yes, I realize that game mechanics reward you for being a jerk; however, I am the player not the game.

These poor npc's have been working tirelessly trying to colonize the galaxies for many years, and have made absosmurfly no progress. What's up with that?
Underemployed INC
#23 - 2016-08-30 02:32:24 UTC
The slumlord issue.
Passive income streams are heavily exploited by the few. Totally passive income, with 0 effort, should not be allowed.

Adding a fuel cost to customs offices would only drive up prices and wouldn't matter one bit to the slum lords that have made trillions off of other people's work.

A better option would be to add a Work cost to owning a residual passive income streams, like customs offices.

One of 5 new 'maintenance missions' that must be run weekly in order to maintain your control of a customs office, for instance.
This would limit the number of customs offices that each group of players would want to control.
Lady Aesir
Ghost Recon Inc
#24 - 2016-10-13 23:27:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Lady Aesir
Only thing I would like is for CCP to come up with something completely out of the box for the replacement to moon mining.

Make it an active endeavour not a POS/Citadel based thing or as a minimum make the goo diminish and randomly spawn on a different moon/celestial in a different random system/constallation/region make us work for it.

But please do NOT give the CSM too much of an insight as they will probably cheat the system.
Order Collective
#25 - 2016-12-21 04:02:51 UTC
What about a feature on the map such as a navigation button where you can select a distance fore jumping in light years then have the map return all of the systems in that sphere.

Add to that a route planer where the map can be used to plot jumps and fuel requirements. I think it would be cool to use an in game feature rather than some other website.

Anyway shouldn't these mega awesome ships with all the fancy technology be able to plot a jump route ;)

Just an idea.
Specia1 K
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#26 - 2017-01-03 03:11:53 UTC
About a dozen more things for the Tiericide process, including:

armor hardener
armor repairer
armor layering
hull repairer
layered plating
resistance plating
warp core stab
shield boost amplifier
shield hardener
energy turrets
hybrid turrets
missile launchers
projectile turrets

I am hoping we get a timeline announced for 2017?


Champion of the Knights of the General Discussion


Rabbit Lacey
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#27 - 2017-01-27 09:07:21 UTC
I played am online browser game called Torpia for about 6 years.
The best thing about it was that there was always a winner, and a loser.
each sever reset after 3-6 months.
the game mechanics included the construction of a 'temple' to find amulets.
these amulets each had a letter on them, which in turn, spelled 15 different 'scrolls'.
when all 15 scrolls had been created by a single alliance, they won.

I agree that if eve ever 'restarted' , that there would be a riot.
but, with a little reworking, it may be possible to start a brand new, secondary server, running eve, with some modifications, that includes an 'end game'.
maybe make the galaxy consist of maybe 50 systems, instead of the thousands on the tranquility server.
and some sort of capture the flag in each system, with the final victory going to the most powerful collection of players.
the entire exercise would most likely be a highly pressured environment, and if it was anything like torpia, it would demand commitment for the duration of the server life.

nearly every game under the sun has a winner and loser, and it adds an element of pressure, commitment, dedication, and passion to an already cool game.
then, theres the bragging rights at the end of each server going to the victor.
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