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Red vs Blue: Never ending PvP at your disposal!

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#141 - 2016-10-19 21:51:16 UTC
Great group of pilots, well organized, and lots of pvp fun...

I recommend all EvE pilots try RvB at least once during their careers!
Jasper Sinclair
GBS Corp
#142 - 2016-11-25 13:45:05 UTC
Big events coming up in RvB!

On 26 November @ 19:00 RvB will host a frigate brawl, open to everyone!

FREE ships will be provided! ALPHAs especially welcome!

We will start with an FFA, then split into two fleets and go at it, so fights and kills are guaranteed. Then probably a LS roam to finish it off.

Form up in Oshaima, Oshaima IV - State Protectorate Logistic Support. X up in chat channel "R-V-B" starting at 18:30. Get mumble for comms.

See you there!

Then, December 1 - 7, RvB will be at war with EVE UNI! This is a gentlemen's war, so no structure bashing etc, but podding will be allowed. Want to play? You have to join RvB!

Former Blue CEO, admirer of Caracals (and Tristans)

Talon White
The White Smoke Company
White Smoke and Black Mirrors
#143 - 2016-12-29 10:58:01 UTC
So, what's the latest in RvB land?