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Test Server Feedback

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Mass-Test on Singularity, Thursday 19th November @ 17:00 EVE-Time

First post
Amak Boma
Dragon Factory
#21 - 2015-11-19 18:25:54 UTC
just got in but was lagged to hell and was unable to do anything was killed before even could turn mods on till it was fun
Torgeir Hekard
#22 - 2015-11-19 18:27:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Torgeir Hekard
The new camera bailed on me during the fight.
It stuck in a weird loop of switching between different points of view in orbit mode and UI being almost unusable due to excessive performance loss.

Admittedly, it most likely has to do with me having 1,5 FPS, but disabling the new camera returned both control of the camera and of the ship, and FPS got slightly better (like 3,5 instead of 1,5).

Strangely enough, while trying to get rid of the horribly low FPS with the new camera, I switched to a travel overview tab without ships and opened the old system map (which usually helps with performance), but was still going horribly slow.
Gaia Ma'chello
#23 - 2015-11-19 19:21:22 UTC
I too had issues with the new camera. At one point it got caught in a warp tunnel limbo. It showed a warp tunnel that looked sort of like what you see just before exiting a transit of a planet. But sometimes, as I tried different modes, it showed it looking to the side, or a closeup of the tunnel wall, or other odd views. The tunnel view persisted even after I exited warp. The overview showed nothing as well. Fortunately, my "selected item" was a gate, so I was able to get to a gate and jump. That cleared it all up.

During the PvP fight my fps was quite low, 1.3 or so. The new camera views also tended to jump all over the place.

Eventually someone killed my ship. I was in a bubble, so could not warp the pod. As RL needed me, I decided to just quit, and let what happens happen.

The client would not let me quit.

Control-Q (and, as I'm on a Mac, command-Q) did nothing, nor did selecting quit from the menu. Eventually, I used force quit.
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