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Question about NPC standing

Tasko Pal
Spallated Garniferous Schist
#1 - 2011-12-11 08:55:43 UTC
One thing I miss is the ability to view another player's NPC standings. Is there a way to view that in game or via the limited API?
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2011-12-11 11:49:18 UTC
Yeah, I think CCP should have left the NPC Faction and Corporation standings in the players information box.

I think the only way to view it now is thru an outside application like eveboard.
Celgar Thurn
Department 10
#3 - 2011-12-11 12:07:38 UTC
Yes I agree it was very handy and interesting to be able to view other pilots standings for many reasons including for recruitment purposes or just to be plain nosey. Big smile I believe CCP said at the time this function was removed because 'in real life' or something you wouldn't be able to know who other pilots were working for.

Might be a nice idea to have agents who offered a service for a fee to give a pilots npc standings.

We have just had the sound effects for Strip Miners reintroduced after much complaining which was nice. If you want something fixed kick up a stink and you may get what you want. Smile
#4 - 2011-12-11 16:31:03 UTC