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[SERVICE]Alliance/Corp AUTH system(FORUM,TS,JABBER,SeAT,Discord)

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Tenaya Masai
#1 - 2015-10-03 09:01:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Tenaya Masai
Greetings Space friends.

Is your Corp/Alliance looking for a system that can control your forum, Teamspeak, Discord and jabber permissions for you?

Well then you have come to the right place for one

Service has been active Since 2015!!


For more info head over to to order your systems today. NEW ITEMS ADDED!!

What does the Auth system actually do?

This system will control all logins and password for your Forum, Teamspeak, Discord and Jabber access. the system will remove the permission if the person/corp leaves. No more manually adding and removing individual persons or corps for access to your voice,chat and forum services. The Auth system comes with a Jabber broadcast feature that makes all fleet pings a standard look which any leader/FC can send.

Alternatively you can also purchase a second Discord Bot that can ping all your fleet up operations when they are about to start. Your Corp/Alliance has a SRP in place? The system has a feature whereby you can send out a SRP link to the fleet and they simply link their killboard loss.

a example of this system can be found at


- HR system used for recruitement. customised questionaires
- Group Management for group requests
- Corp Stats for showing who has an account with api link to member
- Fleet-Up Timers and Doctrines displayed
- Fleet Operation Timer Board
- SRP management system.
- Jabber Broadcast
- Discord intergration. Possible to add a Second Discord bot for fleet pings, Kills/Losses broadcasts
- Fleet Member Activity Tracker
- Automatic add and remove standard roles
- Permissions Audit Page

Installation can take 24 hours but average of 8 hours to install everything and have ur site up and running during week days. There are some instances beyond my control that the installation may take a little bit longer.

How much you ask?

3 Bil for setup for Alliance auth system which includes (SMF/Phpbb3 /Ipboard3/ 4), Discord,Jabber,Mumble or TS3 installation

2 BIl for setup for Corp auth system which (includes SMF/Phpbb3/Ipboard 3/4),Discord,Jabber,Mumble or TS3 installation)


This can be installed without the auth system

Evernus Alliance Market - 1.5 Bil ( Example intergrated with the Auth System

PathFinder - 3.5 Bil ( example Mostly used for WH Alliances/Corps as a tracking tool

Eve W-Space 3.5 Bil Mostly used for WH Alliances/Corps as a tracking tool

SeAT 2 Bil Recruitment app. Useful to store api keys and wallet management. Intergrated into the Auth System

Standalone Discord Bot Intergration 1.5 BIl (this will require a VPS server to run)

FREE Killboard added onto your front page with a variety of themes to choose from.

Standalone Discord Bot.

Don`t need or want a Auth system? mainly use Discord for all your requirements? This bot is perfect for you. Get pings sent from Fleet up. Have kill mails broadcast , Price check function to your discord server. Have members authenticated using SSO. Twitter, Jabber integrations is possible. System comes with other nice functions. ie price check. corp info, alt info and many more.

You would need to get a good VPS provider in order to get this running. I can assist you in finding a good provider. If you have an existing VPS server then simply give me access to it and il do the install and you delete the user afterwards....

Alternatively i can host your bot for a monthly fee of 150 Mil isk per month.


Now its possible to host your Websites (Wordpress / Forums/ Killboards for a fee of 200 Mil per month.

Service will run with a domain name and you choose the subdomain name of your choice or point your own domain name to the server and use your own domain. You will have access to your own control panel whereby you can maintain the system yourself.

This service is purely ISK for hosting and NO RMT allowed as per the EULA. I do not host the servers directly, This is a partnership to expand both my partner and my business and give the Eve community that cannot afford VPS servers with RL monthly payments.

Offer includes

I can setup the Auth system, Phpbb3/Smf and mumble/Ts3 and jabber for you. TS3 is 32 slots. for more slots i can assist you in applying for a NPL giving you 512 slots

Want Evernus Alliance Market installed. No problem. Ask me before hand so ensure your server is capable. I will charge you 1.5 Bil to install it on your server.

Pathfinder for WH players. Installation for an additional 3.5 Bil

If you would like SeAT added that will give you and your recruiters a good overview of API keys for persons within your corp or alliance. An example of this system can be found at . I will charge an additional 1.5 Bil to have this added onto your server.

A deposit of 50% is required in order for me to start the installation process

send me eve mails or on skype me on Tenaya Masai or Discord for any questions you might have. OR go to and order your Services today.
Tenaya Masai
#2 - 2015-10-04 10:05:08 UTC
2 days special. 500 mil off all requests
Tenaya Masai
#3 - 2015-10-06 13:52:50 UTC
up you go. have a look at the sites. maybe your corp/alliance needs one.
Tenaya Masai
#4 - 2015-10-07 18:25:08 UTC
awesome system. does all the hardwork for you. Includes HR system, timerboards,srp fleet adverts, Srp management. really good system
Tenaya Masai
#5 - 2015-10-08 19:03:29 UTC
pew pew today?
Tenaya Masai
#6 - 2015-10-12 14:22:31 UTC
up you go Shocked
Tenaya Masai
#7 - 2015-10-13 09:37:09 UTC
good day folks
Tenaya Masai
#8 - 2015-10-22 00:08:56 UTC
I'm back. Taking on more requests.
Tenaya Masai
#9 - 2015-10-23 09:54:02 UTC
Tenaya Masai
#10 - 2015-10-28 00:49:46 UTC
Tenaya Masai
#11 - 2015-10-29 16:04:16 UTC
sup ppl. Winter on its way Oops
Tenaya Masai
#12 - 2015-10-30 19:08:18 UTC
its weekend :)
Tenaya Masai
#13 - 2015-11-05 15:55:38 UTC
up you go for today
Tenaya Masai
#14 - 2015-11-07 19:35:22 UTC
up you go
Tenaya Masai
#15 - 2015-11-09 21:46:17 UTC
ohhh noooo. not again...
Tenaya Masai
#16 - 2015-11-15 07:25:04 UTC
Tenaya Masai
#17 - 2015-12-01 12:32:53 UTC
zing. new job in progress.
Tenaya Masai
#18 - 2015-12-07 11:30:06 UTC
another happy customer Big smile
Tenaya Masai
#19 - 2015-12-09 09:44:04 UTC
Another warm winters day
Tenaya Masai
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