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Borat Guereen for CSM XI

First post
Borat Guereen
#21 - 2016-01-15 19:49:14 UTC
My official application to the CSM XI elections has been sent. Now the wait for CCP's confirmation is starting.

This is the opportunity to bring a refresher on the STV voting system used for this election.

Candidate for CSM XII

Chao3's Rogue Operatives Corp
#22 - 2016-01-18 22:53:18 UTC
Now that CCP has done a dev blog on selling skill points and we know it is coming in February, what is your position on this?

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Borat Guereen
#23 - 2016-01-19 06:22:46 UTC
Saisin wrote:
Now that CCP has done a dev blog on selling skill points and we know it is coming in February, what is your position on this?

I have already taken a public stance on this topic in my campaign platform.
"I do support making Skill Points another commodity through the recently announced transneural packages, and I would also lobby once this feature is implemented to remove the character bazaar entirely, so that all pilots history and name remain tied to the player that created them in the first place."

The fact of "extracting" knowledge is very much a part of the game's cyber punk roots and sci-fi inspirations. Furthermore, isn't it that the knowledge as well as the thoughts of all of us capsuleers are copied like mere data banks into new clones every time our pod is destroyed? Hopefully CCP is already working on an angle to introduce this in the lore of the game, and we soon see some new scope video or tickers related to it, if this has not already been the case.

I believe the feature is a great way to bring younger players up to speed faster, and is a better way of doing it than buying a character in the market. I also listened with interest to those that pushed the ideas of selling specific skills rather than generic Skill points, but in the end, I believe that would be counter productive as, like ships, not all skills are created equal in usefulness and utilities, and being stuck with useless skills would be the same as being stuck with a Drake you could not sell before the latest pass on battleships was done.
I also appreciate that CCP has made the higher SP character still able to milk 150 000 SP out of a package instead of 50 000 as first intended.

I also hope CCP has a plan to add new high end skills that only the oldest pilots will be able to master. Skills with heavy requirements, that will give the most dedicated veterans new abilities to explore new avenues in all areas. I believe the tree skill must continue to grow, its latest deepest branches being there for the older players to conquer first. If Iam part of CSMXI, this is something I would support actively.

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#24 - 2016-01-28 03:35:20 UTC
My CSM XI endorsements post is now up.

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#25 - 2016-02-07 17:09:19 UTC
Eve-NT posted my CSM XI profile

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#26 - 2016-02-08 20:03:55 UTC
Cap Stable published my CSM XI interview

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#27 - 2016-02-11 02:29:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Borat Guereen
As I mentioned during my interview, If I am elected I plan to establish communication channels with those players that have voted for me.

I would ask CCP to create a mailing list in game with all the pilots that would have voted for me, but I do not know at that stage if this can be done.

So in case it would not work, and if you plan to vote for me, please post a simple "I will vote for you." in the thread below and If I am elected I will contact you when establishigg my CSM town halls contacts list to hear your voice for the game style we represent.

If you belong to a group whose goal is to ensure independant-minded candidates like me can't be on your voting ballot, use a neutral alt to post below, and make sure to monitor your in-game mailbox if I am elected.

Thanks for your support!

Candidate for CSM XII

Laiben Nebail
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#28 - 2016-02-15 19:47:56 UTC
I will vote for you.
Borat Guereen
#29 - 2016-02-21 05:41:53 UTC
"....I support consensual watch lists..."

I am very happy about the upcoming end of non-consensual watch list that has been shown at EveNT!

Thanks to Eve Hermit for his reporting.

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#30 - 2016-02-23 23:57:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Borat Guereen
Let's have a CSM XI free of Null Sec blocs influence!

If you want a CSM that is not driven by the Null Sec blocs' dramas, leakages, conflictual relations with CCP and influence over the game we all share to promote their own interests, here is the list of the players to NOT put on your ballot.

The null blocs canno't influence independents candidates once they are elected, as CSM members can communicate directly with CCP with internal tools like Confluence.

But with the STV voting system, they can influence the number of independent candidates that will make it to the final 14, via their bloc votes and via their players that run for CSM XI under other guises, acting as decoys to spread the votes and control the CSM composition better.
I also believe Eve media personalities should NOT be in the CSM, as there are too much potential for conflict of interests. They should keep their focus on their media.

So here is the list of the candidates to not put on your ballot if you value independence. They will be on blocs votes anyway, so why give them any of your votes? (for a fully independent CSM check my endorsements)




Aryth "The New Sion"




Commander Aze*



Kane Carnifex*

Kyle Aparthos

Mining Forman

Mr Hyde

Nashh Kadavr


Sapporo Jones


Sullen decimus

The Judge

Tora Bushido*

Viceran Phaedra



* Updated after the official list from the goons was made public

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#31 - 2016-02-27 23:24:07 UTC
I have completed my endorsements post for CSM XI.

Please also check my list of No Votes if you want to bring the maximum amount of independence to CSM XI.

Votes start on Monday Feb 29. Please fill all your slots to not squander the benefits of the STV voting system.

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#32 - 2016-02-29 20:25:32 UTC

Candidate for CSM XII

Kane Carnifex
#33 - 2016-03-01 13:56:21 UTC
You judge black and white Cool, good start :P - EVE & Food Porn in German...

Borat Guereen
#34 - 2016-03-01 19:13:34 UTC
Kane Carnifex wrote:
You judge black and white Cool, good start :P

yeah, it is better when campaigning without having any support from the establishment to have a clear message. I am campaigning against the establishment you represent as you guys are twisting the CSM role to your own ends, and depriving independent players from a voice. Something you would know but not say as you are on a null sec power group bloc vote endorsements. You are either a puppet or a decoy, and I can't even say you put much effort into your own campaign, this post is certainly noteworthy in that regard. D- for effort!

Candidate for CSM XII

Xavier Azabu
Half Empty
#35 - 2016-03-09 04:30:30 UTC
Good luck Borat! Still cool with your "lone wolves" message. Unlike you I gave huge coalition a single voice, except PL.
My CSM vote slate:

Xavier Azabu - It's me. Good PVP record. Pacific TZs.
Capri Sun KraftFoods - Impressed by interview. I like BL.
Steve Ronuken - I use a lot of 3rd party tools. Industry vote.
Vaari - This year's real Xenuria - now that Xenuria is hijacked. Finnish.
Borat Guereen - Anti-establishment. Pro solo/small-groups.
Vic Jefferson - Aside from Gorski best PVPer here.
Utari Onzo - Good voice for FW/Roleplay/NPSI. Provi Rep.
Joffy Aulx-Gao - Liked his poster and attitude.
Fafer - Representing Geminate. PVP/Tournaments. NC. Rep for me.
Mr Hyde113 - Impressive stream. Ex-BL. PL rep for me.
RF Gnaeus Crassus - Hauler. I use RedFrog sometimes. Chill. Logistics are important.
Diana Olympos - French. Seems chill. PFR was a cool idea.
Gorski Car - Give him another year to do what he does. Been in enough places that extra PL rep is ok.
Xenuria - Will fix the issue with female avatars' feet. Represents Imperium.
D'nara Atreidis
4S Corporation
Goonswarm Federation
#36 - 2016-03-20 04:07:57 UTC
commander aze isnt naturally part of a voting bloc... he is part of the leadership for an upstart high sec alliance. Im somewhat biased but I think he is a great high sec candidate.Its nice seeing established players take an interest in us new folk
Borat Guereen
#37 - 2016-03-20 04:51:28 UTC
D'nara Atreidis wrote:
...Its nice seeing established players take an interest in us new folk

Of course they do, they do need more minions. All established powers are actively attracting newbros nowadays, after they took care of eliminating Brave, which was a natural funnel for newbros before.

As a new player you should consider joining newbro friendly groups with no taxes, or if taxes are levvied for the allmighty SRP programs, then these can give junior accountant role to all their line members, so that anyone can see how the corp funds are really used.

Make your choices with your eyes fully open.

Candidate for CSM XII

Borat Guereen
#38 - 2016-04-22 19:01:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Borat Guereen
The latest CSM election result is probably as meaningful as the results of the latest parliamentary election in Syria. The ruling party of the PLooNS have trusted 10 of the 14 seats.

CO2, NC. and Provibloc each got their candidate in (CO2 possibly timed their defection to milk goons votes for their representative), and the API/third party tools' guru Steve Ronuken easily kept his seat.

Only one candidate I endorsed made it to the CSM, probably because of the support of the cohesive RP focused Amarrian Provi bloc. 11 out of the 14 candidates that were in my no-vote list got elected.

The biggest surprise to me is that Joffy did not get elected, despite being supported by low sec pirates. I am waiting to receive the detailed vote count from CCP to see how he fared exactly. On my side, I got 152 votes last year for my first campaign and I am curious to see how I did this year, as well as the other candidates that did not make it. I am sure this data will tell stories of its own, once it is released by CCP.

This CSM XI ends up being the most Null Sec centric CSM I have ever seen since I started paying attention. But outside of the PLooNS, the main success of this election can be attributed to those independent voices pushing for not voting for CSM.
This election ended up with a very low turnout. 22345 votes. The only lowest turnout were for CSM 2 and CSM 4 way before my time in Eve. From last year this is a drop of 40% and 73% less than the highest turn out ever (CSM7)

So this is a success for those independent voices, like Gevlon Goblin or Luobote Kong, that openly campaigned for not voting. Too bad they both decided to abandon the game, despite an influence wielding that has been proven this year.

The PLooNS will rule player's feedback and Null Sec for this coming year and "actively represent all play-styles" to CCP.

Is it already the effect of their influence at work when CCP announces today that jump fatigue could be moved to ships instead of pilots? if this happens, the richest will just need to multiply their expensive toys and store them across all regions and with the magic of uncatchable interceptors, 1 second tick servers, and jump cloning, have pilots ready to go anywhere, like good old time (for them).
Having not heard any significant announcement regarding citadels' passive income making, or any economically viable siphon-like feature to curve it, we can also listen to Gevlon's warning about New Jita once the current World War Bee outcome decides who will be in the dominant position to create it (my bet is on PL which is why I chose to write PLooNS the way I do).

It is hard to know what CCP really will get out of this CSM. I chose to believe they wanted as many different opinions from varied play-styles as possible but they obviously chose to not interfere with a process they knew was being gamed, and end up with a skewed representation of play styles despite a candidate field that had a fairly broad range.

If CCP truly wants diversified view points on their game they could easily have half of the seats filled by elected candidates, and then "select" the other half from the remaining candidates.

Here it is, with me wrapping my campaign this year on these notes. Thanks to everyone that voted for me - keep up the good fight and value your independance. Oh, and btw, if you are not plexing your account(s), you are just being taken advantage of by the PLooNS so *they* can do it. Keep that in mind!


Candidate for CSM XII

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