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All new characters will now start with ~400,000 skillpoints

Carrie-Anne Moss
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#181 - 2015-10-09 17:30:03 UTC
I heard that the 10hour heros are basically Insta-heros now.
You can create a brand new alt, get a remote repper and awox like a boss right away now.

Even cata gank alts are basically instant so dont have to pause training on main to try ganking!
Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
#182 - 2015-10-09 17:45:25 UTC
Dextrome Thorphan wrote:
Lance Jamtonio wrote:
I think 1m-1.5m would be better for them this will allow them to get some basic skills and jump into whatever field they are looking to pursue.... as really the only other starter activity atm is mining... sure you can do PVE but with the skills on week 1 you will still potentially struggle giving them abit more will be good move overall and allow people to get into the game faster.

I disagree, mining is not the only option. You can perfectly run L1 missions on week 1. You could also do distribution missions, or start on highsec PI. And once you got your first 100mill you can start trading or whatever. Or they can just buy 1 plex and skip the isk grinding step.

Hauling NPC goods is profitable out the gate for new characters too. You can start making millions in a really short time.
Frostys Virpio
State War Academy
Caldari State
#183 - 2015-10-09 17:57:21 UTC
Mina Sebiestar wrote:
Can this apply to old chars 4-5y old never used or skilled?

I have few with like 34000 SP could use dat boost to 900000 yo.

Barbara Nichole
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#184 - 2015-10-10 01:32:11 UTC
Why? This is stupid. Might as well bring back learning skills.

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Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#185 - 2015-10-10 01:48:14 UTC
I remember starting characters that had 800k SP out of the gate. I also remember starting characters with barely a days worth of SP at creation. Been a lot of changes over the years and I see nothing wrong with CCP trying out this one.

Are the tears because the vets aren't getting something that CCP is using as an incentive to attract new players?

Mr Epeen Cool
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#186 - 2015-10-10 07:17:57 UTC
im confused, ccp man you simplified mwd's a while back and changed the skilling all in order to rebalance; and now youve done it again? whats next teir 3 battlecruiser buff? battleship materials adjusted? overhaul of t1 frigates??
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