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I need a career agent for the darkside. (posted on behalf of a newbie)

Morgan Agrivar
#41 - 2015-09-06 07:38:07 UTC
Vimsy Vortis wrote:
You're using terminology wrong. Nos is short for Nosferatu, meaning vampire. What you're actually meaning to say is Neut, short for Neutralizer. Subsequently it's as confusing as hell.

Nosferatus (AKA Energy Vampires or Nos ) reduce the target's capacitor level by a certain amount and give that same amount to you, however they don't work if the targets capacitor level is lower than your own (in percent).

Neutralizers (AKA Energy Destabilizes or Neuts ) remove a much larger amount of the target's capacitor and always work, however they don't give you anything back.

Flying a frigate fighting something bigger than you (subsequently with a more powerful capacitor) a nos is generally preferable because it allows you to exploit their superior capacitor capabilities to power your own modules. The longer you can keep your rep running and afterburner burning the better.

Thanks for pointing that out, Vimsy. Like I said, I am horrible at pvp. Never really used either one. Others in my old corp loved the vampires though.
Vimsy Vortis
Shoulda Checked Local
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#42 - 2015-09-06 14:40:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Vimsy Vortis
Mike Adoulin wrote:
I'm sure Vimsy would love to give him some hot Vindy loving..:)

I actually just finished training large hybrid turrets!
Demerius Xenocratus
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#43 - 2015-09-08 06:41:28 UTC
Morgan Agrivar wrote:
Cidanel Afuran wrote:
+1 for the snowball launcher.

I'd drop it and add a nos though.

This was my general setup when I first started

And by far cap skills/engineering skills are incredibly important. It's not a waste of time by any means to get those up quickly. Those are the general support skills that will translate to a benefit to any ship you fly.

By far the best advice I can give is to roam around with a few more people. Going at it solo is an uphill battle when you are just starting out.

If we have a WH open near your system I can give you a shout in game and we can kill people. I'm not the best PvP-er myself by any means, but I've finally ground enough ISK/SPs with this account that I want to turn him more PvP.

The nos will help when fighting a frigate or destroyer but might not really help against a cruiser or higher since their capacitor is a lot bigger and can handle a small nos. I would go with a rocket launcher in the 4th slot if you are up close or a light missile launcher if you are a kiter. 75 dps isnt much and most cruiser tanks can easily handle that. It would depend on his fit if he was ASB fit, or had to inject cap to keep everything going.

If the drones took him out, you need to learn how to switch and lock drones and shoot them. If he has no drones to take the Rifter out, then it is a matter of who runs out of support first. Your Rifter ammo or his tank.

Get out of the Minmatar line if you want to engage in this playstyle. Go Gallente. Minmatar frigates don't get enough DPS to break big targets and they're more about speed than tank. Learn the way of the dual-rep incursus, round out your frigate support skills, armor and blasters, then work on drones, assault frigates and eventually cruisers.

You want to be able to use the incursus and the Fed Navy Comet, then the Ishkur and Enyo, a quick detour into destroyers for the gankalyst, and work on skilling for a Vexor; a dual rep vexor with good drone and gun skills is a monster for a T1 cruiser and will segue right into Navy Vexors and Ishtars, which are also devastatingly effective for solo and small gang work.

When it comes to baiting and killing big stupid things in highsec, you want something small enough to get under their guns, with enough tank to absorb drone damage while you eliminate the pests and enough dps to burn through your target's tank.

Active repped gallente ships with blasters and drones, are your weapon of choice.
Altony Compagno
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#44 - 2015-09-08 21:02:06 UTC
^Thanks for the perspective^

I enjoy my Rifter so far and have been using it primarily as I work through the pvp jitters, skill up my guns and support skills, and learn the controls a bit.

I took a few days off but I've gathered a handful of kills so far and am eager for more. None of them are terribly exciting.

A gank on a venture with a meta catalyst fit (I am still working toward thermodynamics and my gunnery skills weren't enough to let me get anything bigger) was a fun side-step with a CODE agent (thank you sir).

Suspect baited a frigate in a belt. That was very fulfilling if not terribly exciting. It was over quick, and they didn't even respond to my taunts.

A few duels. Maybe 3-4. I think there is only one that accepted that had a logically fit ship, but I applauded them all for either challenging or accepting mine.

I should be ok with an incursus and will try to fit one out tonight to see how I like it. I think I'd like a few more kills under my belt before I try rolling with experienced vets. I still get a little anxious and click happy and I want to cool that down a bit before I try anything harder that crap-fit fellow rookies. I was so excited that the gank went well that I didn't get his pod fast enough, those kinds of mistakes I'd rather not do in front of too many.

Thanks again to those of you that have taken time to send messages with fits, tips, and advice. It has been greatly appreciated and very empowering.

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