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Jump Fatigue Feedback

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Sgt Ocker
What Corp is it
#661 - 2017-04-06 08:45:40 UTC
Grath Telkin wrote:
Sgt Ocker wrote:
Sonya Corvinus wrote:
Sgt Ocker wrote:
Sonya Corvinus
Did you ever consider, one of the reasons supers and capitals in general are so common is because of jump fatigue?
Prior to jump fatigue capitals were much harder to use than they are now due to mega groups racing all over new eden and killing them, you didn't undock caps without much thought and consideration because BL PL or NC. could be on your doorstep within a short time.
Now when someone uses caps there is a lot of planning and strategy goes into it due to how long it takes to get them anywhere. Hence there are more of them because they just don't get used enough to kill off stockpiles.

As you seem to think players throw away 2 bil plus isk carriers by whelping them, PLEASE show me one killmail that would go close to proving this. Personally I would never undock a ratting carrier with the intention of letting it die (whelping it) nobody I know would.
I (and many others) have undocked a brick tanked carrier with a cyno (which is absolutely no good for ratting if your plan is to make isk) and warped it to an anom to bait out a far more expensive super or titan and killed it. Risking a 2 bil carrier to kill a 20 bil + super or 100 bil + titan, could be called a whelp I suppose. I've never lost one doing it though, thanks to logi.
Whelping a fleet (even capitals) into a far superior fleet can be fun but isn't something you do in ratting carriers...

And I totally agree - Death to all caps - Now all you need to do is get Devs to reduce stacking fatigue so that can begin to happen.. (I own quite a few of caps and a titan, I just wish I could use them more than once or twice a month - Losing them in battle would then would be an honor)

I've lived in null/WHs/LS longer than you've played this game. If you think 2 bil is a lot to whelp, you've never actually lived in null. Jump fatigue is good. It needs to be harsher than it already is. You disagree. You seem fundamentally incapable of understanding people disagree with you (or you're trolling, I can't tell which right now). Caps and Supers are common because null is HS with extra safety anymore. You know what I tell new players? Leave HS immediately and go to null. With massive intel channels it's infinitely safer to earn ISK there than HS.

I look forward to you ignoring me again and assuming your opinion is law.

Whelping 2 bil is nothing (a day or 2 ratting), I just don't understand how or why you think people whelp rattng carriers. Do you know what a whelp is?

I don't "assume" anything - You're doing that all on your own.
I've tried to be objective and explain my point of view - You on the other hand have not tried to explain yours. Your argument is - Fatigue needs to be harsher, which is not so much an argument or explanation as it is a baseless statement (your right I'm wrong).

Ok, one more time.
As an example;
Group A - 3,000 man sov holding alliance, has a 400 strong capital fleet at their disposal to fight off attackers and defend their sov.

Group B - 3,000 man alliance that wants to go fight Group A (lives 2 regions away), they have roughly the same sized capital fleet as those they want to fight but due to distance and fatigue (the harsher one you think is needed) it is not viable to move their caps due to the time required.

Group B decide after working out the logistics of deploying, it just isn't worth it because of the time required.

Group A keeps their sov, no-one gets fights, good or bad, simply because no-one can reasonably get to them to fight.
Remember - Even just deploying subcaps to fight with requires capital ships, unless each person only takes one ship which wouldn't be much of a deployment would it.,.

By making fatigue harsher you end up making a stagnant nulsec. Those sov holders with decent capital fleets would not have their sov threatened.
Why is it do you think there has not been a big capital fight in so long?

You say you want death to all caps but insist on increasing the one thing that prevents that from happening.

10 years in August - I've been around a while. (you're assuming your're right, again)

You're wrong, fattygay is one of the best things they put in the game, it put the shackles on the alliance im in quite nicely and the game is better off for it.
I never said fatigue was bad or should be removed, just that it could be done better.

My opinions are mine.

  If you don't like them or disagree with me that's OK.- - - - - - Just don't bother Hating - I don't care

It really is getting harder and harder to justify $23 a month for each sub.

Beast of Revelations
Multiverse Trading
#662 - 2017-04-07 19:49:14 UTC
I'm sure this is already being taken into account (I have too little jump experience to know). But if it isn't, consider how current mechanics, or future changes, allow for strategic play. For instance creating beachheads in enemy territory (or simply capturing and holding specific territory) for the explicit strategic purpose of being able to move around easier or better or unaffected or less-affected by jump fatigue.

If this isn't in the current mechanics (I don't know either way), perhaps consider a reduction or elimination of jump fatigue buildup if jumping from inside territory you own. Perhaps specific structures with specific modules would have to exist in the region in order to allow this.

If stuff like this already exists, forget my suggestions.
Echelon Industries Inc.
#663 - 2017-04-09 18:15:07 UTC
I've always wondered why Citadels don't have a place to relax, You know in RL you reduce your fatigue relaxing.. So why cant we have a Citadel module like a (Hot spring) etc that while docked in that citadel online or offline it accelerates our fatigue recovery.
Murkar Omaristos
The Alabaster Albatross
Unreasonable Bastards
#664 - 2017-04-10 14:51:51 UTC
I like how this is a year old thread and still nothing had been done to mitigate the annoyance that is jump fatigue.