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Last time you rage quit?

Black Panpher
Rote Kapelle
#61 - 2015-07-27 19:47:30 UTC
10minutes ago when I logged in on my Ishtar after being on holiday for a few weeks.
Marsha Mallow
#62 - 2015-07-27 22:50:03 UTC
I've never rage quit over a ship, it's just a pixel with a pricetag. You might as well view it as a dodgy meal you just ate and then popped out that wasn't quite right (i.e. stop eating filthy kebabs).

It's always other people who enrage, but that's my fault rather than theirs. Like Mr Banner, I'm always angry (and bemused by it) but try to keep it under control. Allowing anyone to pass beyond normal irritation to real fury reeks of defeat, failure and tbh a lack of judgement. Unleashing the beast to... scuttle away giggling tastes like glee and has never failed to be satisfying. And worth it.

I've also taught several small children how to visualise their Hulk transformation and then unleashed them on their parents with full on pant ripping, chest beating and roaring. Works. They won't be asking for a babysitter again, but their kids will always share their sweets.

Ripard Teg > For the morons in the room:

Sweets > U can dd my face any day

Terminus Antollare
Un4seen Development
#63 - 2015-07-28 01:01:01 UTC
About to have a nice battle when suddenly, boom, all my shields are gone. Get primaried, die quickly, etc. I look at the kill mail only to realize that the first thing to hit me (and do top damage) was a "friendly" who decided to drop a bomb on the field.