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Found: Gaming Harassment Comes From Losers: Official

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Nerath Naaris
Pink Winged Unicorns for Peace Love and Anarchy
#41 - 2015-07-25 09:40:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Nerath Naaris

"They then identified the speaker and looked at their Xbox Live skill ranking..."

So, apparently we are talking about CONSOLE players gaming harassment, NOT "Gaming Harassment"...

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Scipio Artelius
Weaponised Vegemite
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#42 - 2015-07-25 11:23:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Scipio Artelius
La Rynx wrote:
Scipio Artelius wrote:

even though the study focused on gender issues.
So your opinion may be right, but that study does not support it; and to use your own words in reverse:

I miss some argument from you other, than suggesting, i came to the wrong conclusion.

I already wrote severaly times, why i think this is not only a gender issue.

So no quote from the study then that actually supports what you have said?
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