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Aegis WH feedback

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Axloth Okiah
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#221 - 2015-08-09 08:22:23 UTC
B0T0 wrote:
Samantha Elroy wrote:
what is the goal behind this cut ?
To move corporation with main content is null to Thera or null itself?
No, the goal was to make living in null safer by curbing the travel options offered by wormholes. This was primarily targeted at PL, reavers and such. Wormholers were simply ignored, as noone gives a **** about how it impacts us and noone fought it before the change was made. We are just collateral damage.
Samantha Elroy
Disturbing Silence
Disturbing Silence.
#222 - 2015-08-10 09:03:51 UTC
Axloth Okiah wrote:
No, the goal was to make living in null safer by curbing the travel options offered by wormholes. This was primarily targeted at PL, reavers and such. Wormholers were simply ignored, as noone gives a **** about how it impacts us and noone fought it before the change was made. We are just collateral damage.

Sad but true bud.
Andrew Jester
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#223 - 2015-08-10 13:07:30 UTC

If thuggin' was a category I'd win a Grammy

Magister Mortalis.
#224 - 2015-08-12 10:16:06 UTC
POV c2 NS/C5 static

we noticed a lot more ratters beeing careless and caught offguard when chainrolling our ns static for rattingsystems, either directly or in hotdroprange
so yes, definetly a change in behaviour is noticeable, also the fact that nullbears are having 25 ppl in system, one of them is caught by 5 ppl and gets killed, the other ~ 19 ppl cry in local and ask in intel for help.
Spyreports have shown, that most FCs rather stand down than fight ANY w-space entities, however few weeks ago we frequently saw CTA-pings for a 10 ppl gang, especially the regions of providence and vale of the silent became VERY blobby lately, goons ... well 120 ppl scap supported slowcatfleet vs 5 cruisers "gf" :), most entities i know dodge deklein and leave those bored noobs alone (they cry for no content as well ....)
Nullsecs in chain have been rare these days, but still we have several useable connections every day, excluding our own static.
Also frigholes aint useless, T3d-doctrine, anyone?! Svipul 400 dps, fit correctly has nice buffer, good speed and tackle, add 1-2 hyenas and logifrigs, HK,LZHX and other groups have the numbers for those kind of fleets, for smaller groups -> spidertank.

just FYI, those groups crying for no content are usually those kind of groups evicting smaller groups and/or bringing a lot bigger nubmers than the other groups can't take on at that given moment, thise rule applies in entire new eden and is not specific for wspace.

W-Space mechanics are entirely fine, nobody forces you to live in a c5/c5, the content you find there has been build up by the ppl, not the mechanics, c5 magnetars are a good example of how to create empty wormholes with no content, every single HK and Lazerhawks Member does know what i am talking about, right ? :)
C5 Pulsars and Red Giants aint that much different, dura lexx is a great example of risk aversion gank-only pvp and farming a lot, while offering low amount of content for the other entities.
Could go on like that, hero/solodread-farming anyone ? Oh wait, that's 00bear-Supercapital-FC-Business, farming himself rich (i could name several here including J#)
Solo-Carrier-Farming? Also know some ppl from 00-entitites doing this a lot, it even happens in c4 and c3 often enough to be worth a note.

So what are we missing in reality? Big groups aint doing anything against those risk averse farmes, they don't offer you any content, however an eviction of them will 1. increase t3-material prices in a long term (if farmes getting hunted aggressively) 2. create content :)
Instead those entities allow renters or have agreements of not seeding into each others farms for logofftraps (which is also content, QEX used to be very good at this and i have huge respect of max's ability to multiboxx several caps)

As a friend of me once stated "wormholecorps grow till a point of no return, that point is the moment of them beeing to big to generate enough isk in their home for all their members, at this point this corp will die and its only a question of time"
But keep recruiting guys, 50 T3s in fleet aint enough, need more ping warriors and less content creators, see you next year when you split/corp dies and all this drama happens.

CCP can't patch what ppl make of the mechanics, ccp can only change mechancis to favor certain things, but i doubt that wspace beeing an entire farm was intentionally planed, the ONLY and REAL solution is that big entities split into smaller groups and create content for each other, this happening does influent farmers too, with more active c5/c5s farming becomes more dangerous, until then we have huge groups in low amounts crying for no content.

Also how youfight dramaticly influences how people like to fight you, in example if people only want to fight in their home (cuz risk aversion) and drop a lot of caps on others, how big is the chance that they get fights? ;)
Not wanting "fair play/hello kitty online" but respect is dieing and drama/crying is increasing almost to same levels as it is in League of Legends, where you have those 2 ragers in every single match, even in high elo.

Personally i play eve for fun, if there is no content? fine roll the hole or run pve, if there's content we can't take (refusing to fight with 10 ppl vs hk in their home, i am sorry for that one but i think you can understand it from our pov), we also roll the hole.
Nothing in w-space to do? Fine use our static nullsec (tradeoff for no escalations in c2) to use the content we have there, including getting batphoned from 00inhibitants and chainroll for their region.
And yes sometimes pve with nice talk in TS + beer is also very welcome, that beeing said from somebody who is trying to pvp 99% of the time.
There's plenty of content guys, you just don't see or you ruin it with how you play the game.

Just my 2 cents and personal opinion after observing wspace for some years allready...
Andrew Jester
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#225 - 2015-08-12 12:51:10 UTC
came expecting whining russian, was disappointed found rusrus)) having fun instead~

If thuggin' was a category I'd win a Grammy

Axloth Okiah
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#226 - 2015-08-13 07:37:30 UTC
wh capital kills seem to be going down: (bottom right corner)