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Dev blog: An Update On Drifters - The Wandering Death

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Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
#61 - 2015-07-02 06:18:27 UTC
Arrendis wrote:
Malcanis wrote:
Yes I'm sure decreasing CONCORD response times will be the Drifters' top priority, right after they're done murdering everybody and stealing their brains.

No no, CONCORD's stealing bodies...

... oh, wait, did you mean the Drifters? They're stealing bodies, too.

I was kind of riffing on the 'Ware books.

(There should totally be a Drifter called Mr Frostee)

"Just remember later that I warned against any change to jump ranges or fatigue. You earned whats coming."

Grath Telkin, 11.10.2016

Enya Sparhawk
Black Tea and Talons
#62 - 2015-07-11 20:50:27 UTC
Does this mean we'll be seeing Drifter mobile/permanent structures being anchored around the empires claiming sovereignty over just an incursion like attack?

(I think that would be sort of neat)

Fíorghrá: Grá na fírinne

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad.

Bíonn súil le muir ach ní bhíonn súil le tír.

Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir.

When the lost ships of Greece finally return home...

#63 - 2015-07-19 02:31:09 UTC  |  Edited by: HeXxploiT
Really hope I get enough free time this week to do some exploring. The storyline stuff has really been pulling me in as of late and I love the idea(even if ever so remote) that I might actually discover something or...who knows...

even become a part of the story.Cool
Wolfgang Amelana
KittyCat Corp
#64 - 2015-08-16 19:12:05 UTC
how do i join the drifter??? (i really want to) cause the if the death has come i'll ride the wave
Wolfgang Amelana
KittyCat Corp
#65 - 2015-08-16 19:15:22 UTC
CCP Affinity wrote:
Chribba wrote:
How do I gain good standings with them? Lol

you don't ;) they have no interest in being your friend!

then will they ignore me if i help them