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This Week in EVE #80 - Week 21/2015

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CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2015-05-22 16:11:12 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
"This week in EVE" is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events and shows what is going on in EVE Online. The focus of this overview is on official news from CCP: For example, dev blogs and important forum posts by CCP developers, the ever evolving background story and upcoming events. The previous weekly overview can be found here. The next weekly summary is available here.

The current "This week in EVE" gives an overview of the week from May 16th to 22nd

Dev blogs and announcements
Signing up to Rule Alliance Tournament XIII - Feedback
Team signups for the Alliance Tournament XIII are now open until June 8, 23:59:59 UTC. Check out the blog for all the details how your alliance can join AT XIII. The blog also provides the full set of rules, victory conditions and dates. Reserve the three last weekends in August to enjoy the Alliance Tournament!

Textures, Shaders, and Dirt, Oh My! (The Many Additions of V5++) - Feedback
After the introduction of physical based rendering with new shaders (codename "V5") in December 2014 resulting in impressive new visuals, the technical artists haven't been idle. A complete rework and repackage of ship texture maps and new shades (codename "V5++") result in EVE being more beautiful than ever before. More materials available for ship hulls, increased precision of texture maps, a dirt layer that is easily controllable by the artists ... check out the blog (or test server) for examples! The new shaders should improve the visuals also for "medium" shader quality setting without impacting the performance much.

Guard and Rise headed for EVE New England - see you there!
The player gathering EVE New England in in New Hampshire near Boston takes place from August 6 to 9 and promises to be a fantastic experience with a PVP jousting tournament, EVE Card games, poker, presentations and more. CCP Guard and CCP Rise will join that player gathering, if you have time then join the gathering and don't miss the fun!

As part of the recent charity drive PLEX for GOOD that allows players to help people in need in Nepal after the devastating earthquakes, CCP Logibro announces that he will have his head full of wild hair shaved skin bald if you manage to collect at least $120.000 with this charity.

World News
Eifyr and Co. Summoned by Inner Circle
A number of representatives from Eifyr and Co. have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters together with legal counsel. Eifyr and Co. is under formal investigation in relation to the concealment of a broadcast now confirmed to be the final communication from Dr. Hilen Tukoss. It is believed that the footage shocking the New Eden Cluster with images of a huge Drifter fleet may have been concealed by the corporation for more than six months.

Corporation Spotlight: Theoretical Heresy
This Community Spotlight by ISD IC Jarret Pelley presents the corporation Theoretical Heresy. Theoretical Heresay was founded 2011.07.05 and is part of the Fatal Ascension alliance. If you want to learn more about this corporation, its current goals and moves, check out the article!

DED Confirms Age Of Tukoss Footage, Releases Detainees
The Directive Enforcement Department (DED) confirmed that the origin of the final broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss is at least six months old because the transponder which captured that broadcast is out of order since six months. It is believed that this broadcast was an attempt by Dr. Tukoss to warn his colleagues at Arek'Jalaan Site One.

LEGO Hurricane
The player TheuregDarwolf has created an awesome LEGO Hurricane (it is huge!). Have a look and be amazed by this fantastic work! Well done, TheuregDarwolf!

Approved Alliance logos so far (restricted view)
CCP Falcon posted a list of Alliance logos that have been approved so far after we have opened the new alliance logo submission process on April 16. To view this list you need to be logged into the EVE Forums...

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#2 - 2015-05-22 16:11:42 UTC
June update "Carnyx"
Sentry Drone Adjustments
Sentry drones will get balanced with some moderate tweaks, nothing drastic. This balance should adjust the power balance between sentry drones and carefully reduce the power of some sentry drones (Curator and Bouncer class). Range (optimal and falloff) as well as tracking will be adjusted for Garde class sentry drones. CCP Fozzie explains also the different between this balance pass and the Ishtar balance: balancing the drone bonus of the Ishtar was much stricter and didn't affect sentry drones in general.

Armor plate and shield extender revamp
As part of the ongoing tiericide project to reduce unnecessary complexity and to provide more meaningful options, we are now working on Armor Plates and Shield Extenders. Superfluous variants (50mm and micro sizes) will be removed/upgraded, meta variants will be consolidated into a "compact" (lower fitting requirements) and "restrained" (lower penalties on use) variant, faction variants should become more interesting and diverse. Check out the details of Armor Plates and Shield Extenders.

Jackdaw - Updates
CCP Fozzie reads ALL the feedback. Based on your discussions regarding the new Caldari Tech-3 destroyer, the Jackdaw, some first changes have been made. Especially the boost in shield HP per skill level was changed from a 5% increase per skill level to an absolute 50 HP increase per skill level. Also the ship is now faster and more agile as well. However, feedback and ongoing balancing reasons lead to the complete removal of that tank bonus in favor of a faster missile launcher reload time (15% faster reload per skill level, 2.5 seconds with level 5 skill). Thanks for all the feedback and good ongoing discussions!

Testing and the test server
EVE Launcher for Singularity reinstall
The EVE Launcher on Singularity (version 2.2.883045) contained a bug that prevents the self-update to work. In order to update the Launcher on Singularity to the correct version, please follow the instructions and install the new version 2.2.884420. Tranquility users are fine and don't need to do anything! Also if you haven't installed the launcher version 883045 then you should be fine too, as CCP Habakuk confirms.

Third Party Development
A reminder: You are not allowed to use the SSO on gambling web sites
Please be aware that per developer license agreement point 1.13 you are not allowed to use the SSO if you are providing any gambling activities. Please read and follow the full agreement if you are using the SSO!

Learning how to use the API?
Maybe you want to start learning how to code? A good way might be combine that with your hobby/passion EVE Online! The player Barrak is asking for suggestions for exactly this. CCP FoxFour voices his preferences to start with Python and the Python library EVELink on GitHub.

CCP FoxFour is fixing things
After a player reported a specific issue with third party development, CCP FoxFour kicked in and fixed that bug, tested it and published it in a record time. Happiness everywhere!

API endpoint for AUR prices?
Aurum (AUR) is used to purchase virtual items such as ship skins or appareal in the New Eden Store. You can either buy AUR directly or convert PLEX into AUR. Unfortunately there exists no API endpoint to query AUR prices. Maybe a look at this spreadsheet with SKIN prices on Google Docs will help?

New version of EVE Probe
A new version of EVE Probe (download here) is available. EVE Probe is a standalone application that uses the EVE Online graphics engine called "Trinity" in order to test new features and optimizations. EVE Probe can play back pre-defined (provided by CCP, but you can create your own scenes as well) scenes. This new version of EVE Probe allows the...

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#3 - 2015-05-22 16:16:35 UTC
Keep them coming! Thank you!


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#4 - 2015-05-22 16:27:00 UTC
Thanks again, CCP Phantom!

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Omega Tron
Edge Dancers
Pan-Intergalatic Business Community
#5 - 2015-05-22 20:13:06 UTC
Thank you for this weekly update. Smile

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Julia's Interstellar Trade Emperium
#6 - 2015-05-23 14:45:36 UTC

I still want an EVE probe RSS feed.

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Deviant Dollyz
#7 - 2015-05-26 11:38:27 UTC
Awesome stuff to see, I'm excited to see the new Shader packs and Dirt packaging on ship hulls more than anything, way to go to the next level team!
Joey Read
Border Patrol.
#8 - 2015-05-26 16:25:50 UTC
I can't believe there's going to be a NE Meetup. I'm so excited its unreal.